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Fables, Aesopia
Ambrose Bierce
Naturalism/realism, The Devil's dictionary
Ray Bradbury
science fiction, martian chronociles
anton chekhov
russian realism, the cherry orchard
guy de maupassant
romanticism, the necklace
james dickey
romanticism/contemporary, deliverance
sir arthur conan doyle
detective mystery, sherlock
joel chandler harris
local color, uncle reemus tales
bret harte
realism, the luck of roaring camp
nathaniel hawthorne
romanticism, scarlet letter
washington irving
knickerbocker, rip van winkle
shirley jackson
gothic, charles
franz kafka
surrealism, metamorphosis
ursula k. le guin
contemporary, a wizard of earthsea
jack london
contemporary, call of the wild
o. henry
naturalism, retrieved reformation
flannery o'connor
southern gothic, wise blood
edgar allan poe
horror, tell tale heart
katherine anna porter
symbolist, pale horse pale rider
hh munroe
edwardian age, the open window
mary shelly
gothic, frankenstein madness
robert louis stevenson
romanticism, treasure island
leo tolstoy
russian realist, war and peace
john updike
realism, rabbits run
eudora welty
southern renaissance, the optimist's daughter
Stephen Ambrose
contemporary, band of brothers
philosophy, corpus aristotelicum
Harold Bloom
deconstruction, western canon
Truman Capote
new journalism, in cold blood
Alexis de Tocqueville
western philosphy, democracy in america
Frederick Douglas
american renaissance, north star
Ralph Waldo Emerson
transcendentalism, nature
Benjamin Franklin
american revolution, poor richard's almanack
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
sturm and drang, faust
Alex Haley
black arts and aesthetic, roots
ancient greek, the history
Thomas Jefferson
american revolution, declaration of independence
Sameul Johnson
neoclassism, dictionary of english language
Jack Kerouac
beat-movement generation, on the road
Niccolo Machiavelli
renaissance, the prince
James Madison
american revolution, us constitution
Jean-Baptiste Poquelin Moliere
neoclassical, tartuffe
Friedrich Nietzche
wilt of power, beyond good and evil
Philosophy, the republic
Ayn Rand
Objectivism, fountainhead
Jean-Jacque Rousseau
Romanticism, discourse on the arts and sciences
Philosophy, dialogue
Henry David Thoreau
Transcendentalism, civil disobedience
Mark Twain
Gilded age, life in the mississippi
French enlightenment, candide
Samuel Beckett
Theater of the absurd, waiting for godot
Elizabeth Barrett browning
Romantic, sonnets from the Portuguese
Robert browning
Romantic, my last dutchess
Robert burns
Age of Johnson, auld Lang syne
Lord Byron
Romantic, Don Juan
Middle Ages, the Canterbury tales
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Romantic, the rime of the ancient mariner
E.E. Cummings
Lost generations, tulips and chimneys
Middle Ages, dante's inferno
Emily Dickinson
Romanticism and trans., I heard a fly buzz when I died
T.S. Eliot
Bloonsberry group, the wasteland
Robert frost
American naturalist, the road not taken
Maksim gorky
Russian social realism, the lower depths
Langston hughes
Harlem Renaissance, harlem
Henrik ibsen
Modernism, a doll's house
Henry wadsworth longfellow
Narrative verse, Paul revere's ride
Ezra pound
Imagism, the cantos
Carl sandburg
Chicago Renaissance, chicago
William shakespeare
Elizabethan, hamlet. Romeo and juliet
Lord Alfred tennyson
Romantic, idylls of the king
Dylan thomas
Modernism, do not go gentle into that good night
Walt whitman
Trans., Leaves of grass and o captain my captain
William Carlos williams
Objectivism, paterson
William wordsworth
Romantic/lake poet, Tim term abbey
William butler yeats
Irish literary Renaissance, the wind among the reeds