Teeth (Deciduous and Permanent Dentition)

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Protoconidlower molar, mesiobuccal cuspHypoconidlower molar, distobuccal cuspHypoconulidlower molar, fifth most distal cuspEntoconidlower molar, distolingual cuspMetaconidlower molar, mesiolingual cuspSupernumerary TeethThere are an extra number of teeth in a particular categoryAgenesislack of development of a particular toothShovel-shaped Incisorsconcave surface of incisor teeth, usually on lingual surface, occasionally on both lingual and labial surfacesDental CariesCavities in the enamel that expose the dentin. May result in infection and tooth lossDental CalculusCalcified plaque on any surface of the tooth crown. May cause periodontal disease, abscesses, and tooth loss.Abscess in alveolar boneLocalized collection of pus in the alveolar bone at the root apex of the tooth.enamel hypoplasiaDevelopmental stress from malnutrition or illness that results in this defect where the teeth seem to have lines.