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Electromagnetic energyA form of energy that travels in waves at the speed of lightElementA pure substance that cannot be broken down into simpler substancesEndothermic changeA change in which energy is taken inEnergyThe ability to do work or cause changeExothermic changeAa change in which energy is releasedHeterogeneous mixtureA mixture in which pure substances are unevenly distributed throughout the mixtureHomogenous mixtureA mixture in which substances are evenly distributed throughout the mixtureInternational System of UnitsThe system of units (SI) used by scientists to measure the properties of matterKinetic energyThe energy of matter in motionLaw of Conservation of MassMatter is not created nor destroyed in any chemical or physical changeMassThe amount of matter in an objectMatterAnything that has mass and takes up spaceMixtureTwo or more substances that are physically combinedPhysical changeA change in a substance that does not change its identityPhysical propertyA characteristic of a pure substance that can be observed without changing it into another substancePotential energyThe energy an object has because of its; also the internal stored energy of an object, such as energy stored in its chemical bondSolutionAn example of a homogeneous mixture; forms when substances dissolveSubstanceA single kind of matter that is pure and has a specific set of propertiesTemperatureA measure of the average energy of motion of the particles of a substanceThermal energyThe total energy of all the particles of an objectVolumeThe amount of space that matter takes upWeightA measure of the force of gravity on an objectUnits of Masskilograms(kg)/grams(g/gm)Units of VolumeLiter(L)/milliliter(mL)/cubic centimeter(cm³)Units of DensityDensity = Mass/Volume (Department of Motor Vehicles)