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disease characterized by bone enlargement due to excess production of growth hormone

Addison's disease

disease resulting from deficiency of adrenocortical hormones


congenital condition due to lack of thyroid secretion

Cushing's disease

disease resulting from hypersecretion of glucocorticoids

diabetes insipidus

disease caused by inadequate secretion of vasopressin

diabetes mellitus

chronic disorder of carbohydrate metabolism characterized by hyperglycemia

diabetic ketoacidosis

hyperglycemia with disruption of fluid, electrolyte, and pH balance leading to coma


condition resulting from excessive growth hormone production


enlargement of the thyroid gland


increase of blood sugar


condition caused by excessive secretion of the thyroid gland


decrease of blood sugar


condition due to a deficiency of thyroid hormone


condition resulting from decreased function of the thyroid gland


tumor of the sympathoadrenal system producing norepinephrine and epinephrine


eating abnormally large amounts of food

thyroid nodule

discrete enlargements within the thyroid gland


toxic condition due to over activity of the thyroid gland

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