The war was not going well for them and the northern colonies were hard to tame. They also hoped to find support from large loyalist populations in Georgia, the Carolinas, and Virginia. As they moved across the South, they also planned to free slaves and enlist them as British soldiers.
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The war was going bad for the Patriots. They were low on money to pay soldiers and buy supplies, foreign help didn't bring the war to a quick end, the British held most of the South as well as Philadelphia and New York City, and Benedict Arnold betrayed the Patriots. Regrouped under Nathanael Greene, the Continental Army harassed British general Cornwallis in the Carolinas. James Armisted, an Patriot African American spy, gave a false letter from Lafayette to Cornwallis to make him think that the Patriot army was bigger than he had thought. Hoping to stay in communication with the British naval fleet, Cornwallis moved to Yorktown, Virginia.
General Washington saw a chance to trap Cornwallis in Yorktown. He ordered Lafayette to block Cornwallis's escape by land. Then, he combined his 2500 troops with 4000 French troops led by Comte de Rochambeau. Washington led the force on a swift march to Virginia to cut off other escape routes. The Patriots surrounded Cornwallis. Meanwhile, a French naval fleet seized control of the Chesapeke Bay, preventing ships from rescuing Cornwallis's stranded army. The battle lasted three weeks.What happened during the Battle of Yorktown?Comte de Rochambeaucommander of 4,000 French troops that combined with Washington's forces at the Battle of YorktownLast major battle of the American Revolution; Patriots took some 8000 British prisoners-the largest British army in America.Effects of Battle of YorktownSentiments of an American WomanAnnounced a campaign to raise money for soldiers' clothing. Written mostly by Esther DeBerdt Reed.Esther De Berdt ReedOrganizer of the first large-scale political group of North American women that raised $300,000 and made 2000 shirts for the Continental Army in the Revolutionary War.Treaty of Paris 1783This treaty ended the Revolutionary War, recognized the independence of the American colonies, British leaders accepted American rights to settle and trade west of the 13 original colonies, and granted the colonies the territory from the southern border of Canada to the northern border of Florida, and from the Atlantic coast to the Mississippi Riverresigned from military and Continental CongressWhat did George Washington do when the Revolution was over?