Causes of the American Revolution & American Revolution

What were the causes of the American Revolution?
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Second Continental CongressThey organized the Continental Army, called on the colonies to send troops, selected George Washington to lead the army, and appointed the comittee to draft the Declaration of Independence.Common SenseA pamphlet written by Thomas Paine that claimed the colonies had a right to be an independent nation.guerilla warfare tacticstype of fighting in which soldiers use swift hit-and-run attacks against the enemyBoston MassacreBritish soldiers fired into a crowd of colonists who were teasing and taunting them.Representation in ParliamentColonists felt that the laws and taxes passed by the British were unfair because they had no____________________.What were the strengths of the British?They had a strong well-trained army and navy along with a strong central government with food, ammunition and the support of colonial loyalists and Native Americans.Declaration of IndependenceThe document approved by representatives of the American colonies in 1776 that stated their grievances against the British monarch and declared their independence.Paul RevereAmerican silversmith who etched "The Bloody Massacre," an important piece of Patriot propaganda.Unalienable rights (natural rights)life, liberty, and the pursuit of happinessQuartering ActRequired the colonials to provide food, lodging, and supplies for the British troops in the colonies.Parliamentgovernment in Great BritainFrench and Indian Wardue to the costly war, the king began taxing the colonists which led to a lot of tension between Britain and the colonistsBoston Tea Partycolonists angry over tax on tea protested by throwing the tea into the harborProclamation of 1763The British king forbade the colonists from moving into lands west of the Appalachian mountains

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