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Terminology related to health care careers unit in Health Team Relations curriculum

Secondary Education

High School

Health Occupations Education

High school courses in the health science pathway

Associate's Degree

Two year program, usually at a career-technical school or community college

Bachelor's Degree

Four year program awarded by a college or university

Master's Degree

One to two year program beyond completion of a Bachelor's Degree.

Doctorate/Doctoral Degree

Two or more years after Bachelor's or Master's Degree. Can be up to 6 years in length.


Completed educational requirements and meets the standards established by the professional assoc. for that career.


Granted by regulatory body that gives exams for the profession that also maintains a current list of personnel in that career.


Government agency authorizes individuals to work in a given occupation. Requires CEU's for renewal after passing board exams.


Continuing education units - additional hours of education to remain current in the specific career.


Having a Bachelor's Degree + master's and/or Doctorate Degree (Ex. Doctor, Dentist)

Technologist or Therapist

Usually a Bachelor's degree, but may also have Master's or Doctorate degree (Ex. Speech therapist, Medical Lab Technologist)


Two year degree or on-the-job training program required. (Ex. Surgical Technician)

Aide, Assistant

Specific number of hours required, depending on the program area. (Ex. Certified Nursing Assistant)

Therapeutic Careers

Focus on treatment and improving the patient's condition

Diagnostic Careers

Creates a picture of health status of the client at a given time

Information Services Careers

Involves documentation of client care, analysis, insurance coding, IT and operating systems.

Environmental Careers

Involved in creating therapeutic surroundings for direct and indirect patient care.


An individual who organizes, manages, and assumes the risk of a business (Donald Trump, Steve Jobs)

Post-secondary education

Includes any training after high school, includes certification programs, college, and university coursework and degrees.

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