21 terms


Structure of a protein
amino acids bond through peptide bonds forming polypeptide chains
elements of a protein
carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen
examples of carbohydrates
lactose, sucrose, starch, glycogen
solid at room temperature, come from animals
liquid at room temperature, come from plants
monomer of a nucleic acid
functions of a protein
structure(muscle, skin, nails), regulate cell processes(involved in chemical reactions)
functions of a carbohydrate
short term energy, structure(cellulose-plants, chitin-arthropods, fungi, bacteria)
elements of a nucleic acid
carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorous
examples of proteins
enzymes, meat (-ase)
carbohydrate structure
ring or chain
structure of a nucleic acid
two starnds of nucleotides form a double helix(DNA), one strand forms RNA
examples of lipids
oils, fats, waxes, steroids
elements of a lipid
carbon, hydrogen, oxygen
monomer of a carbohydrate
functions of lipids
long term energy storage, insulation, cell membrane structure, chemical messengers
function of a nucleic acid
storing/transmitting genetic information
elements of a carbohydrate
carbon. hydrogen, oxygen (1:2:1)
monomers of lipids
fatty acids and glycerol
structure of a lipid
column shape
examples of nucleic acids
deoxyribonucleic acid, ribonucleic acid