Art History Renaissance

- Giotto/1305-1306/Fresco
- commissioned by Scrovegni (money lender)
- wanted to repent for his sinful job
- Fresco Paintings telling life of Jesus
- Lamentation is a painting within
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-Michelangelo/1512/Fresco -Reluctant to paint as he was a sculptor -9 large panels: first three creation, second three adam and eve, third three destruction of man (Noah's Ark)75. Sistine Chapel (Ceiling)Michelangelo/1534/Fresco -Last judgement painting in mannerist style75. Sistine Chapel (Altar Wall)-Raphael/1509-1511/Fresco -Pope's private chambers within Vatican Palace -Mural on each of 4 walls (theology, law, poetry,and philosophy)76. School of Athens-Matthias Grunewald/1510/Oil on panel -Isenheim hospital had monks devoted to treating peasants, usually ergotism (skin disease) -depicts Crucifixion and lamentation (after death)77. Isenheim Altarpiece-Jacopo Pontormo/1525-1528/Tempera on Panel -Mannerism (shows exaggerated positions of the human form), between Renaissance and Baroque -Response to the Protestant Reformation -don't know if its deposition or entombment, shows end of Christ's life78. Entombment of Christ79. Allegory of Law and Grace-Cranach the Elder/1530/Woodcut -Left side shows law, right shows grace -Inspired by teachings of Martin Luther-Titian/1538/Oil on Canvas -Nude Venus laying on bed -Venus represents generic and idealized female beauty80. Venus of Urbino-Pieter Bruegel the Elder/1565/Oil on Wood -broad sweeping perspective across a snowy valley -Glorifying the hardworking flemish peasants83. Hunters in the Snow