Pre-Ap History Ch. 12 Questions

Possible Multiple Choice Questions : Mr. Hartman
The Nubian capital of Meroe was an important producer of what?
What ruler made a hajj that resulted in trading and diplomatic ties between Mali and other Muslim states?
Mansa Musa
Axum prospered partly because it had a port where?
The Red Sea
How did King Ezana of Axum strengthen ties with the Mediterranean world?
converting to Christianity
What group of people developed expert knowledge of the natural world by adapting to life in the Kalahari?
Khoisan People
Kinshop ties through the father's side is and example of _________?
Patrilineal Culture
What was preserved by the griots of West Africa?
histories and traditional folk tales
What leader set up a Muslim dynasty in Songhai?
What religiour tradition did the Axumites pass on to the Ethiopians?
Monsoon winds aided trade between East Africa and _______?
What term refers to people who trace their inheritance and descent through their mother's side?
The lack of _______ presented a barrier to the movement of people and goods in Africa.
Africa's trade has always been spurred by what?
The Sahara trade was dominated by what two products?
What did the King of Ghana gradually absorb from Muslim states?
What happened to Ethiopian Christians over the centuries?
absorbed many traditions
The spread of Muslim culture in EAST African city-states was furthered by what?
In dry desert areas, people adapted by practicing _________?
Slash and Burn
Africans identified ____ with divine spirits?
Art in Africa was closely tied to _____.