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Federalists vs. Republicans


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Federalists leaders
Alexander Hamilton and John Adams
Republican leaders
Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe
Federalists supporters
merchants, anyone who would benefit from a strong gov't and Hamilton's program, Northern folks
Republican supporters
farmers, skilled workers, people in the interior and frontier, Southerners
Federalists view of Constitution
look at the Constitution loosely
Republican view of the Constitution
look at the Constitution as a document that means what it says and what it doesn't say you can't construe (such as the National Bank)
Federalists Domestic Policy
supported Tariff and National Bank
Republican Domestic Policy
opposed Tariff and National Bank
Federalists view on military
favored larger, always ready army
Republican view on military
opposed standing army especially during peacetime, fear of army pouncing on them
Federalists Foreign Policy
need to repair relationship with the British to reestablish trade with them
Republican Foreign Policy
TJ points out that they need to support the French