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CHapter 9 and 10

During the time of the Aryans the Indian political landscape had been characterized by a series of small
quiet and thoughtful and disciplined and self controlled life.
The Buddha believed that salvation came from leading a
social hierarchies
The greatest social implication of Jainist thought was their rejection of ________ based on caste.
The rock and pillar edicts were issued by whom?
The Mycenaeans received early indirect influence from the Egyptians and Phoenicians through their contact with whom?
Which of the Hellenistic philosophers considered all human beings to be members of a single, universal family?
In which polis did women have the most freedom?
What was the most important port in the Hellenistic world ?
City-States/ Poleis
The political structure of the ancient Greece usually consisted of independent, autonomous
The temple complex shown atop the hill in the picture above is located where?
Southern India.
Which region was NOT ruled by the Mauryan Empire?
The Indian political scene changed dramatically in 520 B.C.E. when new administrative techniques were introduced after the invasion of the whom?
In 327 B.C.E. India was thrown into political chaos by the invasion of whom?
Chandragupta Maurya
The first ruler to unify India was
The harsh political philosophy of Chandragupta Maurya and Kautalya is recorded in the
The Mauryan emperor, Ashoka, fought his bloodiest battle against
The high point of Mauryan success came during the reign of
regional Kingdoms
After the collapse of the Mauryan Empire, India returned to a series of
The Kushans in India reached their peak under whom?
Politically, the Guptas left local government and administration in the hands of their
White Huns
The eventual collapse of the Gupta state was partially caused by an invasion by the
weak-willed and emotional creatures and exalted wives who devoted themselves to their husbands
The two great Indian epics, the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, commonly portrayed women as what?
One of the biggest transformations of the caste system during this period was the rise of guilds, which essentially served as
Brahmin Priests
Ancient Indian religion revolved around ritual sacrifices offered by whom?
Unknown, made poplar by Mahavira
The founder of Jainism was whom?
The religious group that carefully swept the ground before them as they walked to avoid harming any invisible insects was the
Ahimsa refers to the Jain principle of
The Four Noble Truths
What was the fundamental doctrine of Buddhism known as
Mahayana Buddhism.
The boddhisatva is associated with what religion?
castes imposed specific moral duties and responsibilities upon him
When Krishna tells Arjuna, in the Bhagavad Gita, "Having regards to your own duty, you ought not to falter, for there is nothing better for a kshatriya than a righteous battle," he is referring to what Hindu principle?
Trojan War
The Homeric epic the Iliad deals with what?
The best example of Minoan culture can be seen in the remains of what city on Crete?
Linear A
The Minoans wrote with a script, not yet deciphered, that was known as
The Greeks used the word polis to refer to the
The Spartans were constantly afraid of the prospect of an uprising by serfs known as
The leader who forged a compromise between Athens's social classes by allowing the aristocrats to keep their land while also providing representation for the common classes was
What word was used by the Greeks to refer to generals or politicians who, although often popular, gained power by irregular means.
The decisive naval battle of the Persian War was fought at
Sparta and its allies
Who won the Peloponnesian War?
The largest part of Alexander's conquests, essentially the former Achaemenid empire, was taken over by whom?
The wealthiest of the Hellenistic empires was the _____ empire.
human beings and human affairs.
Socrates believed that it was most important to understand
Who said, "The unexamined life is not worth living?"
Philosopher Kings
In The Republic, Plato proposed that the true rulers of society should be whom?
Which Greek god was the grandson of the earth and sky gods?
Later Christian scholastic philosophers referred to this man as "the master of those who know."
Women were the chief devotees of the Greek god of wine, who was named
Which of the Hellenistic philosophers viewed pleasure as the greatest good?
Phillip II
Macedonian leader who defeated the Greeks by 338 B.C.E.
Homosexual woman writer
Who was Sappho ?