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Voice Box

System: Respiratory
Location: Top of windpipe
Function: to create sounds

Large Intestine

System: Digestive
Location: surrounding your small intestine
function: to convert food waste products into feeces

Gall Bladder

System: Digestive
location:on underside of liver
function: store and concentrate bile


System: disgestive
location: under diaphragm, right side of body
function: filter blood (eliminate toxins) regulate blood sugar and produce bile (largest internal organ)


Location: attatched to first part of large intestine


System: Digestive
Location: behind stomach and level to top of small intestine
Function: secreting digestive enzymes and controll blood sugar levels

Small Intestine

System: digestive
location: abdomen
function: chemical digestion of food and absorption of nutrients from food and into blood.


System: Nervous
Location: inside skull
function: controlls body and houses mind.


System: Cardiovascular
Location: between lungs
function: pumps oxygen-rich blood through body


system: Urinary/Excretory
Location: bottom of ribcage and back of body
function: Make urine from excess water and waste found in your blood


System: Urinary
Location: Behind pelvic bone
Function: store urine


System: Respiratory
Location: in chest, inside ribcage
Function: pumps oxygen and removes carbon dioxide from blood


System: lymphatic
Location: left side of body
Function: cleans blood, destroys old red cells and fights infection


System: Digestive
Location: between esophagus and small intestine
Function: holds and chemically breaks down food

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