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General Service Contractors
Offers a service or a product for the exhibitors or show management during the actual show or conference
Specialty Service
Bring or provide a specific service or product that General Services cannot. In addition, they also contract from another people
Differences Between General Service Contractor & Exhibit Contractors
Work with the exhibiting company through the year in the areas of: Installation and dismantle, Decor, Exhibit design and storage.
Same duties as specialty contractor but only for a specific exhibitor, not the entire show only, exhibitors themselves
Relationships Between Contract and Event Organizers
Partnership develops as show planning progresses.
Maintain history of show development, production, and exhibitor needs.
How will the Guest Service Contractor help the manager
They can get the labor for you
Do the shipping of exhibitors: Drayage
Make sure that everything got safe and nothing is mission or broken
They have to be physically there
The Exhibitors are the middle man between the show manager and the show itself