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  1. He argues that the "classical idea" of the atonement during the patristic period was the "Christ the Victor" model.
  2. This most accurately captures the meaning of atonement.
  3. This teaches us that Christ has put an end to sacrifices once and for all.
  4. This is not one of the four standard views of the atonement. Christus Victor, Ransom Theory, and Mora Exemplarist/Influence Theory are standard views.

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  1. AthanasiusOne of their common objections to the notion of the atonement is the view that sacrifice is unworthy of the Christian God.


  2. Ransom TheoryClass lectures have NOT argued that one of the reasons this ought to be adopted is that there is New Testament evidence showing that God paid a ransom to the Devil.


  3. Gerhard von RadHe insists that animal sacrifice is really about redemption rather than punishment and suffering.


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