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Modern conflict theorists believe that the rebellion against capitalists will be swift and succesful when it occurs because people will simply have reached every limit of tolerance.


Socialism and communism are identical in their meaning and application


Functionalists believe that because social inequality is univeral, inequality must help society to serve


Slavery in the American colonies followed the same ideologies as it did in Europe during the Roman Empire and during the Renaissance


The difference between the caste and the class system is a person's relationship to the means of production


Most sociologists support the culture of poverty theory to explain global stratification over other theories


There are more less industrailized nations in the world than the total number of most industrialized and industrializa


Marx concluded that social class depended on many factors, including ones level of membership in the communist party


compared to Americam the British have learned to be less prejudiced and discriminations when associationg with people outside their own social class


Because of government programs there is less economic difference between the rich and the poor than there was in 1970


Donald Trump and Bill Gates serve as classic examples of "blue bloods" included in the social Register


Structural mobility refers to changes in society hat push larger numbers of people either up or down the social class ladder


There is more poverty in rural than in urban areas


Sociologists generally agree on the six tier model of social class ranging from the underclass to the capitalist class


Conflicts generally support the concept that individuals influence politics by voting


The higher one's social class, the greater their choice of eligible marriage partners


Sociologists generally agree that the psychological explanations of prejudice to be valid and applicable


In the split labor makret all minorities would be united against the discrimination of the dominant class


One of the first groups in the West to be met with wide spread discrimination that was both individual and institutional were the Chinese


The national origins of the greatest number of Asian Americans is Japanese


Biologists and anthropologists agree that there are 27 distinct races


Sociologically, the terms minority and dominant have little to do with actual number of percentages within a population


When the Nazis used the Jews as a scapegoat for everything that was wrong with the German economy it as actually a form of prejudice and discrimination


More Americans of European decent trace their roots to Great Britain that to any other nations


In what type of society was slavery most widespread?


In what type of society was slavery least common

hunting and gathering

According to the text, what is the unique type of work for which young boys are enslaved today in some countries in the Middle East

To serve as jockeys in camel races

What is another name for the thousands of sub castes within the four categories of India's caste system?


Why is ideology more effective that force as a means to maintain stratification?

Coercion is ineffective because it breeds hostility and nourishes rebellion

Nasa, Walmart and even your university are employing "Tiny Brothers" to maintain security. What are the tiny brothers?

Security cameras placed around facilities buildings and parking lots

What is the explanation of global stratification that includes core nations, semi-periphery nations, periphery nations and external areas?

world systems

Which of the following events is responsible for creating extensive ties among the world nations?

The globalization of capitalism

What classification of nations contains 16 percent of the world's population and 31% of the world's land

most industrialized nations

What are two basic reasons why poor nations remain at the bottom of the world stratification order?

The existence of neocolonialism and the influence of multi-national corporations

What name is given to the association of wealthy and powerful nations that meet regularly to discuss global issues and determine world economic policy

the group of eight

Who was the sociologist who argued that stratification applies to only societies that have at least minimal resources that can accumulate surplus

Gerhard lenski

In democracies, what are the two methods used by the ruling elite to control information?

Selectively releasing information and coercion

What are the three most striking characteristics of the British class system

language and education

Hwat was the primary purpose behind colonialism as it was practiced during the 18th and 19th centuries by the nations in Europe

To establish economic colonies and exploit the people and resources

In the three world model, what quality distinguishes a First World nation

a capitalist economy

What term did Vladmir Lenin, Leon Trotsky and other followers of Karl Marx use to describe the intermediate step between capitalism and an idealistic communistic state?


How many classes exist in Erik Wright's modified Marxian model of social class


What qualities do most US presidents share

They are millionaire white men from "old money" families

Meredith is unable to afford adequate medical care to treat her mental illness. In view of this, what can be surmised about Meredith's situation?

Meredith qualifies as being in poverty and is receiving tranquilizers for a diagnosed mental illness

Slavery in the US was an example of which pattern of inter-group relations?

internal colonialism

What European nation provides the best example of multiculturalism


What race-related legislation did Senator SI Hayakawa of California introduce in 1981?

An English only ammendment to the Constitution

Who are the American colunteers concerned with illegal immigration who unofficially patrol the Mexico-US border


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