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  1. mestizos
  2. Columbian exchange
  3. Pizarro
  4. Jose Marti-
  5. Incas
  1. a drives the Spanish out of Peru/Cuba
  2. b half Spanish half Indian) shut out of jobs—Indian's forced to pay tribute
  3. c Spanish encountered them. They were in Peru. Not exactly and ancient civilization, and didn't last very long either. It was founded in 1438 by Pachacuti. His tactic to make the Incas so large was to ask neighboring villages to become part of his empire and strengthen it, eventually it was really super dooper big. like really big,,,, scary big :/. They are well known for their legendary road network that spanned thousands of miles and can still be used to this day. their native language was Quechua. The Inca was a theocratic empire, that is the rulers were religious and had divine rule. Because of this, the royal family inter married, thus a lot of "mentally impaired" (retards) were emperors and screwed up the empire.
  4. d Europeans and the Spanish (old world) brought things like religions, ideas, people, plants, diseases and animals to the Americas, this blended the old and new world.
  5. e Survived from 1471-1541. Was a militarist stationed around the equator. With only 80 soldiers, he goes to the Inca empire and takes the emperor (atahualpa) prisoner, gets a "room full of gold" and kills atahualpa. Basically he humiliated the Inca.

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  1. Full bred Spanish born in Spain, richest persons in Mexico and in charge
  2. Ballad/Poem, Mexican. Often political.
  3. A doctrine thought up by Monroe and published by the US. It stated that the US had authority in Latin America, basically telling the Spanish to get out, and to not try to re-gain dominance in that part of the world.
  4. Zapotec Indian from tiny village when he moved to Oaxaca at 13 did not speak Spanish 1855 became Minister of Justice and issued series of reforms (called Ley Juarez) Responsible for constitution of 1857, became president in 1861
    Had reforms in 1867 such as the education ? At end of 10 year reign people see him as a dictator?
  5. Goes to Hispaniola in 1502 earns encomienda turns to evangelizing Indians. 1506- ordained deacon, then in 1512, 1st priest ordained in New World
    Wrote a Brief Account of the Devastation of the Indies (1542)

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  1. encomienda systemsystem the Spanish set up in the Americas to control the people who lived here. Spain gave land to Conquistadors, who then enslaved native peoples and took Africans for slaves. They would own enormous tracts of land and would grow crops and raise domesticated animals there.


  2. Plan of IgualaFailed black ops attempt by the CIA to take over Cuba from Castro in response to him declaring Marxist in 1961. Happens April same year. Idea to take Cuban exiles, train them, invade Cuba, and get revolution going. Fails, troops die, Castro knew they were coming, and Kennedy pinned, though he didn't want to be. Then the Cuban missile crisis happened in 1962.


  3. AztecsThe Olmec were a society in Latin America that lived from roughly 1400-500 BC. Historians do not know much about their civilization, however they did have temples and carved huge heads from stones, some that still exist to this day. They were based in the Yucatan, little further to the North.


  4. caudillosBallad/Poem, Mexican. Often political.


  5. Hernan Cortes- (Spanish)Cortez conquers the Aztecs in 1521; first complex civilization falls to Spanish when Hernan Cortez takes control of Tenochtitlan helped win bc of steel swords and guns
    1520= Aztecs strike back obstacles- enormous distance and rudimentary means of communication 10,000 people killed when Cortez invited to religious ceremony
    Small pox killed many in the downfall of the city


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