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Portrait of Augustus as General
(A: unknown
D: ca. 20 BCE
P/S: Early Imperial Roman
M/T: bronze (original)
DT: same posture as "Spear Bearer"; breastplate shows battle w/ Corinthians and Apollo; shows Cupid
F: statue of Augustus, emperor of Rome
C/I: art celebrates victory; shows Augustus as powerful ruler)

Ara Pacis Augustae (alter of Augustus Peace)
(A: unknown
D: 13-9 BCE
P/S: Early Imperial Roman
M/T: marble
DT: originally in park settlement, then moved indoors; pilasters
F: celebrated Augustus' achievements
C/I: art celebrates victory; used as propaganda promoting Augustus)

Procession of the imperial family
(A: unknown
D: 13-9 BCE
P/S: Early Imperial Roman
M/T: marble
DT: borrowed ideas from Greek; shows clergy; procession - message for religious service; promotes religion and children
F: Relief in Ara Pacis Augustae
C/I: used as propaganda promoting religion)

(A: unknown
D: ca. 16 BCE
P/S: Early Imperial Roman
M/T: arches, limestone
DT: 3 stories of arches, each arch covers ~82 feet
F: aqueduct-bridge
C/I: since it is found in France, it shows the Roman empire's growth)

Colosseum "Flavian Amphitheatre"
(A: unknown
D: ca. 70-80 CE.
P/S: Early Imperial Roman
M/T: limestone, tufa, cement, marble
DT: façade divided into 4 bands featuring diff. type of column; barrel vault; arches
F: staged games for entertainment
C/I: warlike society - people were always ready for battle)

Arch of Titus
(A: unknown
D: after 81 CE
P/S: Early Imperial Roman
M/T: marble, concrete
DT: lead to Roman forum, shows Titus after conquest of Judea
F: triumphal arch
C/I: art celebrates victory; warlike society)

Column of Trajan
(A: unknown
D: 112 CE
P/S: High Imperial Roman
M/T: marble
DT: 150 episodes; ¼ are battle scenes; stacked perspective
F: monument commemorating victory
C/I: art celebrates victory; warlike society)

(A: Hadrian
D: 118-125 CE
P/S: High Imperial Roman
M/T: concrete, pumice, basalt
DT: coffers; Corinthian columns; incrustation dome, olculus; niches and apses
F: temple of all the Gods
C/I: polytheistic society)

Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius
(A: unknown
D: 175 CE.
P/S: High Imperial Roman
M/T: Bronze
DT: on a horse - @ war leading on people; forgiving emperor; thought to be was Constantine
F: statue of emperor
C/I: commemorates emperor; warlike society)

Temple of Portunus
(A: unknown
D: ca. 75 BCE.
P/S: Ancient Roman
M/T: tufa and ravertine
DT: Etruscan building plan; engaged columns; Ionic columns
F: temple for the Roman god of harbors
C/I: polytheistic society)

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