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Oedipus Rex Scene 3 - Exodus Study Guide

30 Q's
To whom does Jocasta make an offering?
What new does the messenger from Corinth bring to Thebes?
Oedipus' father, Polybus, is dead and Oedipus must be the new king of Corinth
How does Oedipus react to the Corinthian messenger's news?
reacted with suspicion and rejoice; they believe the prophecy must be false
How did Polybus die?
old age
Who does Oedipus claim to still fear in Corinth?
his mother in Corinth; that one day he'll marry her, & with his own hands shed his father's blood
Specifically, what is Oedipus afraid of in Corinth?
his mother because the prophecy states that he will sleep with her
What revelation does the messenger make to Oedipus?
Polybus was not actually Oedipus' dad & Merope was not actually his mom
Why didn't the shepherd destory the infant as instructed?
the messenger received him from a herdsman who raises Oedipus since Polybus was childless
Who begs Oedipus to forget about finding the truth of his parentage?
Upon what mountain had the infant Oedipus been found?
Mt. Cithaeron
Who identifies the old shepherd as the man who spared the infant Oedipus?
the messenger
Where does the shepherd say he'd tended his sheep?
Mt. Cithaeron
How did the shepherd and the messenger from Corinth know each other?
were neighbors as shepherds for 1 & 1/2 years
How did the shepherd react when the messenger states that King Oedipus was the baby the shepherd had given him?
the shepherd tells them to be quiet
How does Oedipus react to the shepherd's reluctance to speak?
he threatened to kill the shepherd
Who had originally given the infant to the shepherd?
Why had the infant been handed over to the shepherd to begin with?
they feared the baby & wanted to avoid the prophecy
Why didn't the shepherd destroy the infant as instructed?
the shepherd thought the baby could be raised as a prince in Corinth
What truth does Oedipus learn?
Oedipus learns that Jocasta is his mother & Laois is his father; the prophecy was fufilled
Whose "great days [are] like ghosts gone"?
What news does the second messenger bring?
Jocasta killed herself
What did the messenger claim to have heard beyond the locked doors to the Queen's apartment?
her shouting to Laois
What took the messenger's attention away from the din in the Queen's room?
Oedipus' looking for a sword
What happens to Jocasta?
hung herself in her bed chamber
What did Oedipus do after he held Jocasta in his arms?
he searched for her gold pins & stabbed his eyes out
What does Oedipus claim he will do now that the truth is known?
he claims he must go to Mt. Cithaeron
Who does Oedipus blame for his fate?
Who takes over as the ruler of Thebes?
Who has been sent to say good-bye to Oedipus?
the daughters
What finally becomes of Oedipus?
travels to Cithaeron to die on the mountain