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Ascaris suum: description, adult
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Baylisascaris procyonis: description, adultlarge worm small intestine no cervical alae raccoons!Baylisascaris procyonis: description, eggblobby, brown raccoonsAscaridia galli: description, adultlarge nematode small intestine poultryHeterakis gallinarum: description, adultsmall nematode large intestine, cecum poultryTrichuris vulpis: description, adultcecum, large intestine narrow anterior end, thick posterior end dogTrichuris vulpis: description, egglemon-shape (Stewie Griffin) symmetrical, smooth surface 2 plugs dogEucoleus (Capillaria) boehmi: description, adultnasal worm canidsEucoleus (Capillaria) boehmi: description, egglemon-ISH shape asymmetrical, rough surface canids fecesEucoleus (Capillaria) aerophilis: description, egglemon-ISH shape asymmetrical, rough surface, ridges canids fecesPearsonema plica: description, egglemon-ISH shape asymmetrical, rough surface, ridges carnivores urineTrichinella spiralis: description, larvaein piece of muscle nurse cellOxyuris equi: description, adultfemale: long, pointed tail cecum, large intestine, rectum equineOxyuris equi: description, eggoperculum (cap) at one end feces or perianal areaMuelleris capillari: description, L1tail kink subterminal spine Baermann sheepDictyocaulus viviparous: description, adultcattle lungs slenderAelurostrongylus abstrusus: description, L1cat feces kinked tail BaermannOsleri (Filaroides) hirthi: description, L1lungs dogs ZINC centrifugal float, not BaermannStrongyloides spp: description, adultsparthenogenic females long, straight esophagusStrongyloides spp: description, egglarvated eggs in fecesStrongyloides stercoralis: description, L1dog & primate feces straight tail large genital primordium (oval-shaped cluster of cells between body wall & intestine halfway down worm) BaermannDirofilaria immitis: description, adultslong, slender, whitish pulmonary arteries, right heart carnivoresSpirocera lupi: description, adultsesophageal nodule dx rads or endoscopy canidsSpirocerca lupi: description, egglarvated eggs, L1, coiled shaped (paper clips) small, parallel sidesFasciola hepatica: description, adultsbile ducts leaf-life shape sheep, etcFasciola hepatica: description, eggslarge brown eggs operculum at one end sheep, etcFascioloides magna: description, adultslarge! leaf-like shapedParagonimus kellicotti: description, eggscollared operculum feces or sputumParagonimus kellicotty: : description, adultslung fluke dogs & cats found in pairsTaenia spp.: description, proglottidsquare or rectangular in shape one lateral poreTaenia & Hydatigera: description, adultssmall intestine carnivores & omnivores LONG larval stage in various tissuesTaenia, Echinococcus, Hydatigera spp.: description, eggssmall, round striated embryophore (shell) Zinc Sulfate Centrifuge!Echinococcus granulosus: description, adults3-4 segments small intestine dogs human = accidental hostEchinococcus granulosus: description, eggssmall, round striated embryophore (shell) free in fecesEchinococcus granulosus: description, larvaehyatid cysts (fluid-filled) liver sheep, goats, horses, pigs, camels, humansEchinococcus multilocularis: description, larvaehyatid cysts (fluid-filled) liver rodents, humansDipylidium caninum: description, adultsmall intestine dog cysticercoid in fleas or liceDipylidium caninum: description, proglottidtwo genital pores small intestine dogsAnoplocephala spp & Moniezia spp: description, eggstriangular or square eggs contain oncosphere surrounded by pyriform apparatus fecal floatAnoplocephala perfoliata: description, adultsshort, wide colon, ileo-cecal junction horses, IH = mitesAcanthocephalen: description, adultsspiny proboscis at anterior endMacracanthorhynchus hirudinaceus: description, adultsspiny proboscis at anterior end body not segmented, indented cuticle pigsAncylostoma caninum: description, eggsstrongyle-type egg dogs & cats smaller than whipwormNematodirus spp: description, eggsstrongyle-type larger than whipworm eggsHaemonchus contortus: description, adultslargest of nematodes found in abomasum barber-pole wormOstertagia sp.: description, adultsintermediate nematode of abomasum sheep and goatsTeladorsagia sp: description, adultsintermediate nematode of abomasum cattleTrichostrongylus axei: description, adultssmallest of abomasal nematodesStrongylus vulgaris: description, adultslarge intestine horses smallest of the large strongylesStrongylus edentates & equinus: description, adultslarge intestine horses larger of the large strongylesCyathostomum sp: description, adultslarge intestine horses small strongylesAncylostoma tubiformae: description, adultsmall intestine small worms bursate catsAncylostoma caninum: description, adultssmall intestine small worms bursate dogsUncinaria stenocephala: description, eggsstrongyle-type size of whipworm eggs canidsOllulanus tricuspis: description, adultssmall stomach worm cats and pigs vomit, modified BaermannCooper sp: description, adultssmall worm tightly coiled; "watch-spring" cuticle of anterior end slightly swollen & striatedNematodirus sp.: description, adultslong, thin worm bursateOesophagostomum sp: description, adultsnodule worm, intestineStephanurus dentatus: description, adultslarge worm pigs kidneySyngamus trachea: description, adultsbirds trachea bursate worm Y-shaped appearance of worm pair