15 terms

Psy chap 7 memory and music

Eyewitness accounts of crimes are
A. remembered best two weeks after the crime was witnessed.
B. most accurate when witnesses speak to each other before talking to police.
C. prone to errors.
D. always very accurate.
C. prone to errors.
According to the Atkinson-Shiffrin theory of memory, memory storage involves which of the following three systems?
A. attentive memory, short-term memory, and long-term memory
B. sensory memory, short-term memory, and long-term memory
C. sensory memory, selective memory, and long-term memory
D. sensory memory, working memory, and short-term memory
B. sensory memory, short-term memory, and long-term memory
Your roommate, Rhiana, asks your advice on how to best study for her final exams. Because of your knowledge of context dependent memory, you recommend that she study
A. in the library with friends.
B. quietly in the classroom in which she is to take her exam.
C. with a partner in the dorm.
D. with her favorite rock music playing and sitting in her most comfortable chair.
B. quietly in the classroom in which she is to take her exam.
Which element of sensory memory would be most useful to Stan who is quickly scanning a map of the United States to learn where each state fits?
A. procedural
B. echoic
C. implicit
D. iconic
D. iconic
What key process is critical when moving new information from sensory memory into short-term memory?
A. retrieval
B. attention
C. analysis
D. recall
B. attention
Which of the following is TRUE of short-term memory?
A. It holds perceptions of the world for just an instant.
B. It is a limited-capacity memory system.
C. It is made up of explicit and implicit memory.
D. It is a relatively permanent type of memory.
B. It is a limited-capacity memory system.
When asked to memorize the 15 letters, C I A C B S A B C F B I I R S, Mary reorganized them into CIA, CBS, ABC, FBI, and IRS. Mary used the tactic of
A. chunking.
B. cueing.
C. visual structuring.
D. mental structuring.
A. chunking.
The memory of your mom reading you the "Cat in the Hat" each night is called ________ memory.
A. flashbulb
B. episodic
C. procedural
D. semantic
B. episodic
People adapt very quickly to the procedures and behaviors that are appropriate in a church setting. The general knowledge of how to behave in church is called a
A. script.
B. ceremonial schema.
C. hierarchical node.
D. semantic reconstruction.
A. script.
A few years ago, you had a boyfriend named Phil. Now, you have a new boyfriend named Stephen. Because of ________, you sometimes call Stephen by the wrong name.
A. latent forgetting
B. proactive interference
C. retroactive interference
D. the Ebbinghaus effect
B. proactive interference
Theme and Variations
A A1 A2 A3, etc.
Rondo =
Binary =
Rounded binary =
Verse/Refrain =
ABABAB (this would be a three-verse song)