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The prefix peri- means
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The supporting tissue of the body isConnectiveA ring and dome-shaped material inserted in the vagina to prevent pregnancy; or the partition separating the abdominal and thoracic cavitiesDiaphragmAbdominal region above the stomachepigastric regionAbdominal region below the stomachhypogastric regionCollection of similar cellsTissueFront surfaces of body; situated in frontAnteriorHollow space or body compartmentcavityLying face-down, flat on your bellyPronelying face-up, flat on your spinesupinepertaining to the abdomenceliacPertaining to the vertical plane dividing the body into anterior and posterior portionsFrontal plane/coronalPertaining to the vertical plane dividing the body into right and left portionsSagittal planesituated abovesuperiorsituated at the side of a structurelateralsituated away from the center of the bodyDistalsituated belowinferiorsituated nearest to the center of a bodyproximalThe combining form eti/o in the word etiologyCausethe term flora meansMicro organismVasoconstriction isnarrowing of the blood vesselsvasodilation iswidening of the blood vesselsThe combining form muc/o in the word mucocutaneousMucousThe suffix -ity in the word toxicity meansStatesThe prefix auto- in the term autoimmune meansSelfThe shaft of a long bone is calleddiaphysisThe lower arm consists of the bones called theUlna and radiusWhat is the bones of the upper arm that extends from the shoulder to the elbowHumerusBased on its shape, what type of bone is the humerusLong boneWhat is the location of the radiusForearmWhat is the bigger bone, the radius or the ulnaUlnaWhat is a common cause of low back painSacroiliac joint strainWhat two bones form the SI jointsacrum and illiumWhich of the following terms has a prefix?MetatarsalThe bone of the tarsus that forms the heel is theCalcaneusWhich of the following is a true statement about the terms bursitis, tenosynovitis, fasciitis, and tendonitis?They all involve inflammationFour muscles that originate on the scapula wrap around the shoulder joint and fuse to form one large tendon called theRotator cuffWhat do these terms all have in common: brachialis, deltoid, and latissimus dorsi?They are all musclesBased on the surgical suffix in the term arthroplasty, what is being done?repair ofAll of the following are functions of skeletal muscles exceptRemoval of waste productsWhat connects the appendicular skeleton to the axial skeleton?Muscle and ligaments of the shoulder and hipWhat are the three components of a muscle?fibers, blood vessels, and nervesWhat is another name for skeletal musclevoluntary striated muscleWhich of the following terms has a root and a prefix, but no suffix and means "increase in size of muscle tissue"?HypertrophyThe axial skeleton connects to the limbs, which facilitates what body function?Movement of limbsMr. Hank Johnson became diaphoretic in the ED. This means hestarted sweatingCardiology vocabulary: The medical term STAT means something is to be performedImmediatelyThe thoracic cavity is in thechestA thin wall deviding two cavitiesSeptumThe prefix sub- meansUnderThe prefix substernalPertaining to under the breast boneThe prefixes sublingualPertaining to under the tongueSelect the correct abbreviation to This patient's ischemic attack resulted in occlusion of her coronary artery, and a(an) blank followed.MIThe thoracic cavity isspace in the chestPertaining to the heart and blood vesselscardiovascularWhat is the term for an immediate, severe, allergic responseanaphylaxisWhat is the term for an exaggerated, abnormal reaction to an allergen?hypersensitivityWhat is immunodeficiency?failure of the immune systemWhat is the medical term that means the state of being protected?immunityThe clear, yellow liquid that is the non-cellular part of the blood is calledplasmaTissue swelling caused by lymphatic obstruction is calledlymphedemaThe abbreviation for hemoglobinHGBAn increase in the number of eosinophils is commonly caused byallergic reactionsThe abbreviation for prothrombin time isPTMatch the combining form with its correct meaningErythr/o = RED, Chrom/o = COLOR, Eosin/o = ROSY, Leuk/o = WHITE, Myel/o Or M= MARROW, Hemat/o = BLOODWhich of the following is NOT a function of the respiratory system?Swallowing of saliva and other oral fluidsA patient is diagnosed as having atelectasis. This means that the patient has a(n)collapse of part of a lungWhat is the plural form of the medical term pleura?pleuraeWhat does the suffix in the term bronchiole mean?smallThe word hypoxic meansdeficient in oxygenThe costal surface of the lungs presses against which body part?rib cageWhich of the following word elements refers to the nose?rhinThe term for a muscular tube from the back of the nose to the larynx ispharynxWhat does the prefix in the term apnea mean?WithoutA viral infection of the lower airways that produces mucus, then resolves without damaging the airways is termed:acute bronchitisThe test to detect the presence of blood not visible to the naked eye isfecal occult bloodUpset stomach with epigastric pain, nausea, and gas isdyspepsiaA synonym for gallstones ischolelithiasisAppendicitis is the most common cause of acute abdominal pain in the right lower quadrant. On palpation, tenderness over McBurney point suggests appendicitis. If neglected, the inflamed appendix can perforate and lead to what condition?peritonitisThe patient has long-term symptoms with spasmodic episodes of diarrhea and flatulence associated with greasy and pale stools and severe headaches and fatigue. This patient probably hasCeliac diseaseWhich of the following words has a prefix meaning complete?diarrheaDuring the sigmoidoscopy, the physician noted several growths on the lining of the colon. She would document this condition aspolyposisWhich of the following terms means protrusion?herniaWhich of the following terms means infection of the stomach and intestine?gastroenteritisThe prefix in the word exocrine meansoutwardThe abbreviation SCI meansspinal cord injuryDue to the patient's chronic mental depression, the physician prescribed a(n) blank medication.PsychoactiveName the chronic disorder of the nervous system which has no curenarcolepsyWhich of the following classification of medications refers to a pharmacologic agent capable of preventing or arresting seizure activity?AntiepilepticsMotor neurons are responsible forefferent transmissionWhich of the following terms is not associated with the nervous system?patellaIf a patient is in the postictal state, they have hadseizureWhich of the following is not a function of the nervous system?excretionThe plural form of the word ganglion isgangliaWhich of the following word elements comes from the Greek for deceive?delusThe location of periorbital isAround the eyeWhat body parts are covered in the body's thinnest layer of skin?Eye lidsTympan- is a root meaningeardrumTurning the eye outward, away from the nose, isexotropiaAn intricate combination of passages; used to describe the part of the inner ear used in hearingCochleaConjunctivitispink eyeRegion of the pharynx at the back of the nose and above the soft palatenasopharynxSensation of spinning or whirlingvertigoWhich of the following terms means pertaining to tears?lacrimalA test to measure distance vision usesThe Snellen letter chartThe prefix hypo- in the term hypothalamic meansBelowcortisone is aSteroid/ Hormone produced by the adrenal cortexThe combining form idi/o- in the term idiopathic meansUnknownA hormone secreted by the pancreasinsulinMatching of Latin and Greek endocrine termsAnswer will be givenHyperpyrexia, tetany, and edema can all be consideredSymptoms and diagnosisWhat is serotonin converted to at night?melatoninTwo symptoms of hyperthyroidism are tachycardia and hypertension. These are the same as:Increased heart rate and high blood pressureWhat is the only hormone that can lower blood glucose?insulinWhat is bone resorption?breakdown of the structure of the bonesupra-, suprapubicabove and pertaining to to the pubiscyst-, polycysticBladder/sac and pertaining to many sacs-emia, uremiablood condition and blood condition due to the urinary system-tomy, nephrolithotomyIncision and incision of the kidney to remove a stonelith/o, lithotripsystone and crushing a stoneterms with opposite meaningsAnuria and polyuriaterms with similar meaningsUrination and micturitionWhich term concerns an element meaning "scanty"?OliguriaHow are the terms pyelitis, urethritis, and cystitis the same?Each word has the same suffixHow are the terms pyelitis, urethritis, and cystitis different?Each word has a different rootThe term ductus deferens refers to a(n)tube in the male reproductive systemWhich of the following is the male sex hormone?testosteroneWhich of the following is derived from the Greek word for seed?gonadThe act or result of twisting is called:torsionWhich of the following is a STD?ChlamydiaThe word vulva refers to the:female external genitaliaWhat is another name for the birth canal?vaginaA young woman complains of increased pain prior to menstruation. This has been happening for the last three months. What condition does she likely have?PMSIn the term postpartum, what does the prefix mean?afterThe study of the female reproductive system:gynecology