POWER (Lubrication)

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VISCOSITY INDEXCan be enhanced by using oil additivesService Categories--Gasoline Engines- SA, SB, SC, SD, SE, SF, SG, SH are obsolete. - SJ: 2001 and older automotive engines. - SL: All automotive engines manufactured after July 2001.• Service Categories--Diesel Engines- CA, CB, CD, CE are obsolete. - CF: Off road, indirect-injected manufactured after 1994 and with fuels over 0.5% sulfur. - CF-2: Severe duty, two cycle engines. - CF-4: High speed, four cycle engines. - CG-4: Severe duty, high speed, four stroke, with fuels less than 0.5% sulfur. - CH-4: High speed, four stroke engines designed to meet 1998 exhaust standards. - CI-4: High speed, four stroke engines designed to meet 2002 exhaust standards.Lubrication with GREASEEmulsion of mineral oil with soapLubrication with GREASEDo not continually flow through a bearing and do not perform cooling and cleansingLubrication with GREASEReduces friction, serves as a cushion between mating parts and acts as a seal against the entry of dirt and waterSPLASHA small projection (oil splasher/ slinger) on the rod bearing cap dips into the oil pan during each crankshaft revolution and picks up oil and splashes inside the enginePRESSURE FEED and SPLASHA gear pump discharges oil into drilled passages in the engine block and the crankshaftFULL PRESSUREThe same as the pressure feed and splash system except that an oil passage is drilled through the center of each connecting rodSPLASH PRESSURE FEED and SPLASH FULL PRESSUREEngine Lubricating Systems