Splendid Speaking - IELTS Adv - week 18 - shopping

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loyalty carda card issued by a shop to allow customers to save money on the basis of what they spendmust-have producta product that is very popular that a lot of people want to haveto be on a tight budgetto have a limited amount of money to spendto be on commissionto pay someone in relation to the amount they sellto pay in cashto pay for something using coins or paper moneyto pay the full priceto pay the full amount for somethingto pick up a bargainto buy something much cheaper than the normal priceto run up a credit card billto owe money on a credit cardto shop aroundto try different shops to find the best dealshop assistantsomeone whose job is selling things in a shopto shop until you dropto go shopping until you are so tired you can't carry onto slash pricesto reduce prices a great dealto snap up a bargainto buy something quickly that is being sold cheaplysummer salesa period in the year when things are sold cheaplyto try something onto put on a piece of clothing to see if it fits youto be value for moneyTo be a good quality for a good pricewindow shoppingto visit a store to look at items without the intention of buying anything