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Hypertonic Solution: Plant Cell


Hypertonic Solution: Animal Cell


Hypotonic Solution: Plant Cell

Due to the cell wall, plant cells are relatively okay in this state.

Hypotonic Solution: Animal Cell

if minor - just swelled... but lysis is a big risk!


cytoplasm shrinks and membrane pulls away from cell wall when water leaves the cell (hypertonic solution and plant cell)

Animal Cell Tonicity

Plant Cell Tonicity

Hypertonic Red Blood Cells

Normal (isotonic) on left; shriveled on right (water leaves the cell)

Hypertonic Solution

Hypotonic Solution

Isotonic Plant Cells

Isotonic Red Blood Cells

Microscope: Hypertonic Red Blood Cells


Unhappy Red Blood Cells


the contraction of a cell after exposure to a hypertonic solution, due to the loss of water through osmosis - i.e. shriveling

Ghost Cells

Difficult to see fragments of cells (especially studied with red blood cells) that appear under a microscope if they have lysed from being in a hypotonic solution. The shell/floppy membrane is flat and hard to see.

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