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Fluid like substance that surrounds organelles in cell


DNA not in a nucleus, no organelles, simple structure


DNA in the nucleus, organelles, more complex structure


Interior of the cell

Plasma Membrane

Functions as a selective barrier to allow only certain things in and out of cell


Contains genetic material for the cell


Structures with genetic information (DNA organized into this)


Responsible for make the ribosomes in the cell


Build protein


Sacs made of membrane that serve as packages

Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum

Responsible for lipid synthesis, and to detoxify drugs and poison

Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum

Responsible for building proteins for secretion (ribosomes attached on surface)

Golgi Apparatus

Center for modification, sorting, and shipping


Contains enzymes and is responsible for digestion and recycling organic material in cells


Storage of water and waste (much larger in a plant)


Site of cellular respiration, generate ATP (energy currency of cell)


Site of photosynthesis, take light from sun to create glucose


Provides mechanical support to maintain cell shape, also serves as tracks for vesicle transport


Composed of microtubles and involved in cell division

Cilia and Flagella

Extensions containing microtubules that are involved in movement

Cell Wall

In plants only, helps to maintain shape and prevent excessive intake of water

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