Child development exam 2

Pioneered by Robert Frantz, this is a method for studying visual attention in infants
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Changes in the smallest unit of meaningful sound in a language, called __________, can also change the meaning of a wordPhonemesIn comparison with human language learning, which statement is TRUE about nonhuman animals' ability to learn language?Animals who have been able to learn symbols still show little evidence of syntactic structureResearch on developmental changes in infants' perception of speech sounds shows that as infant get older, their ability to discriminate between speech sounds that are NOT found in their native languagedecreasesIn an experiment used to test the mutual exclusivity constraint of word learning, children select when they where asked to "show me the blicket"? why?They chose unfamiliar items because they already had a word for the familiar objectIn one study, an experimenter announced her intention to find a "gazer" (using a novel label for the novel object). She then pocked up one of two objects and showed obvious disappointment with it. When she gleefully seized the second object, children correctly inferred that it was the "gazer". this study demonstrated the children use ______ in word learninga persons emotional cuesWhich of these is an example of underextension?a 3 yr old belief that the word cat can refer to only to his own pet cat, but not to his friends pet catWhich point of view on language development has been advanced by Noam Chomsky?Social interactionistDual representation refers to one's ability to:Understand a symbolic artifact as both a real object and as a symbol for something else2 yr old Annie's utterances include, "more juice" and "hurt Knee." She is demonstratingTelegraphic speechWhich statement regarding deaf children's language acquisition is FALSE?Deaf infants and toddlers implanted with cochlear implants early in life are just as accurate in perceiving spoken speech as hearing infants and toddlers areNate, a college student, is very good at dealing with novel situations, enabling him to find solutions to a problem that arise spontaneously. However, he does not do well on tests of memorization, such as a state capitals or the names of the US presidents. It is likely that Nate would score high on tests of _______ intelligence but low on tests of ______ intelligenceFluid; crystallizedThe fact that intelligence test scores of children are given age form of normal distribution means that:Most children obtain IQ scores that are fairly close to the mean, with some outliers