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when columns and rows cross in a table.


Makes it easy to compare and contrast nimerical information.

Clip Art

Can enhance the look of a document and break up long blocks of text.


groups text vertically and makes it easier to read many stories on a single page.

Column Break

to force text to begin at the top of the next column.


Can help you explain an idea or process by displaying it graphically.


Is ab element that is used to display information and to add visual interset to a document.


to keep their empolyees informed about important events.


Such as circle, square, star, or arrow.

Sizing Handle

To resize a text box.


Gallery contains six types of diagrams: List, Process, Circle, Hierarchy, Relationship, Matrix, and Pyramid.


a set of formatting changes to a table in one step.


consists of vertical columns and horizontal rows.

Text Box

Is a moveable, resizeable box that contain text.


To creat text that is streched, shadow, or shaped.

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