nervous system

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peripheral nervous system
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spinal cordthe major communication link between the brain and the peripheral nervous system.cervical plexusphrenic nerve (C1-C5)Neurona nerve cell; the basic building block of the nervous systemMultipolar neuronshave several dendrites and a single axonbipolar neuronshave a single dendrite and axon are found in the sensory organsunipolar neuronhave a single axon examples: most sensory neuronsglial cellscells in the nervous system that support, nourish, and protect neuronsSchwann cellswrap around axons to form a myelin sheath which is a protective layer form a sheath around only a portion of one axonsatellite cellssurround the neuron cell bodies provide support and nutrition to the cell body protect neurons from metal poisoning, such as lead or mercury, by absorbing any poison in the system.Astrocytesprovide structural support for the neurons and blood vessels influence the function of the blood-brain barrier isolate damaged tissue and limit the spread of inflammation.Ependymal cellsline the inner canals of the spinal cord some produce cerebrospinal fluidOligodendrocytesform myelin sheaths around the axons of CNS neuronsMicrogliaeat microorganisms, foreign substances and dead tissueswhite matterconsists of myelinated (sheathed) axons and spreads the action potential makes up the nerve tracts in the central nervous system and the actual nerves in the peripheral nervous systemgray matterincludes the neuron cell bodies and unmyelinated axons forms the cortex and nuclei in the central nervous system and the ganglia in the peripheral nervous systemnerve impulseresting potential moving potential thresholdresting potentialIs the membrane potential which would be maintained if there were no active changes in the membrane potentialMoving Potentiala neuron being stimulated by another neuron or the enviroment.thresholdthe level of stimulation required to trigger a neural impulseSynapseIs the location where neurons transfer impulses between cells