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cisterna chyli

an enlarged pouchlie structure at the start of the thoracic duct that serves as a stroage area for purified lymph before this lymph returns to the bloodstream


specialized lymphatic capillary that picks up digested fats or lipids in the small intestine and transports them to the thoracic duct


fluid formed in body tissues and circulated in the lymphatic vessels

lymph nodes

a round body of lymph tissue that filters lymph

lymphatic capillaries

small, open-ended lymph vessels act like drainpipes

lymphatic system

consists of lymph, lymph vessels, lymph nodes, and lymphatic tissue. It works in conjection with the circulatory system to remove wastes and excess fluids from the tissue

lymphatic vessels

located throughout the body in almost all of the tissues that have blood vessels

right lymphatic duct

the short tube that recievews all the purified lymph


ductless gland below the diaphragm and in the upper left quadrant of the abdomen; serves to form, store, and filter blood

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