10 terms

Government chapter 3

In most cases involving judicial review, the courts have...
A.Had their decisions overturned by congress
B.Found the governmental actions in question to be unconstitutional
C. found the governmental actions in question to be constitutional
D.had their decisions vetoed by the president
Which of the followingbest describes the concept of limited government?
A.powers are divided among 3 independant brances of government
B.all political power belongs to the people
C.government must operate within certain bound set by the the people
D.the people must behave according to rules set by the government
Which of the following is a method of formal amendment?
A.proposal by 3/4 of the house of reprasentatives and raification by conventions in 3/4 of state legislatures
B.proposal by 2/3 of the senate and ratification by 2/3 of state legislatures
C. proposal by 2/3 of congress and ratification by 3/4 of state legislatures
D.all of the above
Which of the following constitutional changes was a result of party practices?
A.the use of electoral college as a "rubber stamp" for the popular vote
B.the revised structure of the federal court system
C.executive agreement
D.the practice of senatorial courtesy
The basic constitutional rights of the people were FIRST set out in the..
A.13th,14th, and 15th amendments
B.10th amendment.
C.Bill of Rights
D.Equal Rights Amendments
Which of the following is NOT true if tge use of executive agreement?
A.it extends the President's power
B.It carries the same legal force as a treaty
C. It can be used to avoid the lengthy treaty-making proccess
D.it is among the executive powers listed in Article II of the Constitution
The legislative branch can check the judicial branch by its power to..
A.name federal judges
B.remove judges through impeachment
C. declare executive actions unconstitutional
D.override a presidential veto
Which of the following is the subject of a constitutional amendment?
A.the prohibition of alcohol
B.repeal of a previous amendment
C.presidential term limits
D.all of the above
The Judiciary Act of 1789 was an example of..
A.a formal amendment to the Constitution
B.congressionakl change to the Constitution
C.an executive agreement
D.a court decision
The president's power to veto an act of congress is an example of...
A.executive agreement
B.judicial review
C.checks and balances
D.limited government