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What was Prairies grandmas favorite properties to collect when playing Monopoly?
railroads (pg 1)
What kind of pop/soda did Prairie get as a special treat?
RC Cola (pg 2)
Where (city,state) did Prairie and her family live before they moved to New York state?
Peabody Mountain, North Carolina (pg 2)
What city Prairies' grandma say she is going when she leaves New York?
Vine's Cove (pg 2)
In what book is the quote "I'll go to Vine's Cove. My roots are there, and here I'm withering like a tree yanked out of the earth."
Prairie Evers (pg 2)
What was Prairies' great-uncles name that lived in Vine's Cove?
Tecumseh Vine (pg 3)
How did Prairies mom's parents die?
car accident (pg 3)
who home schooled Prairie Evers?
her grandma (pg 4)
How did Prairies grandma travel from New York State to North Carolina?
bus (pg 7)
Prairie and her mom liked to watch the sun rise from Prairies bedroom window. They said it felt like they were the first one seeing what?
the world get born every day (pg 8)
Name the buildings outside of the house in New York State?
the chicken coop, a falling-down shed, a standing up shed, and a little barn. (pg 9)
The New York farm is along side what mountains?
Shawangunk Mountains
Who was Prairie's teacher and best friend?
Where did they leave boxes of books when they moved from North Carolina?
Great-uncle Tecumseh's shed
What song did Grammys sing that always made a personal feel better?
" Oh Glory, How Happy I am"
What instrument does Grammy play?
Who raised chickens in North Carolina?
Mrs. Perkins
In what book is the quote "if we had our own chickens, we could have good strong yellow eggs"
Prairie Evers
What is easier to raise, baby chicks or pullets, and why?
Pullets, they're partially grown
Why did Prairie want a rooster?
She wanted to hear him crow
What was the name of Mrs. Perkins big white rooster?
Otis (p16)
What was the name of Prairies mom home town?
New Paltz, New York (p16)
What was Praries' favorite thing about her moms hometown?
The library (p 16)
In North Carolina, Prarie and her family had to drive 38 miles to get to a what?
Library (p16)
How did Prairie learn about chickens?
Internet and books (p17)
What were the three different kinds of hens?
Silver-laced Wyandottes, Australorps, Rhode Island Reds (p19)
When Prairie went to the Agway with her dad, what did she want to order?
12 hens and 1 rooster (p19)
Why did Prairie pick the hens she did?
She liked their names (p19)
What type of rooster did Prairie want to order?
Leghorn rooster (p20)
Why did the man at the Agway say people didn't want to bother with a rooster?
They can be boisterous and they fertilize the eggs (p20)
In what book is the quote "For good things you have to wait. Welcome to farming, young lady.".
Prairie Evers (p21)
What was the minimum order for chicks at the Agway?
Six per breed (p21)
Why did the man at the Agway tell Prairie she should order a few more chicks than she wanted ?
Some of the chicks don't survive (p21)
In what book is the quote "it's a bad plan that can't be changed."
Prairie Evers (p22)
In what month did Prairie get her first batch of chicks?
April (p23)
What kind of chickens did the Agway man tell Prairie she should have gotten if she wanted too-notch layers?
Golden Comets (p24)
In what book is the quote "You might be surprised, mister. My girl is no quitter. She knows her mind."
Prairie Evers (p25)
What happened 3 days after Prairie picked up her first batch of chickens?
The rest of the chicks came in (p27)
What did Prairie have to help her mom do before they could leave home to pick up the rest of her chicks?
Do the dishes (p28)
What was the name of the diner that Prairie went to get a malt while her mom shopped?
Miss New Paltz (p28)
What was the second thing Prairie decided she liked about New York?
The diner (p28)
What color were the booths and stools at the diner?
What was the name of the waitress at the diner that Prairie thought was funny to drag through life and what nickname did she assume she got called?
Lolly, and Lollipop (p28)
What is Prairies moms full name?
Loren Lynn Patton (p29)
What the first name of the Agway man? And what's his wife's name?
Tom and Anne (p29)
What did Anne say that Loren named her daughter?
Meadow (p29)
What is Prairie Evers dads name?
Walton Evers (p30)
Who home schooled Prairie after Grammy left?
Her mom and dad (p31)
What's the name for a box with a lightbulb to keep the chicks warm?
Brooder (p33)
What color were the Australops and Wyndottes chicks?
Black and whit (p33)
In what book was the quote "You have all broken my heart into smithereens already"?
Prairie Evers (p34)
What was the truth about chicks that Prairie's research had not prepared her for?
Chickens poop a lot (p34)
Prairie's dad says that chickens produce the best what?
Fertilizer (p34)
How did Prairie communicate with Grammy after she left?
Writing letters (p34)
After two of the red chicks died, what did Prairie do with them?
Held a ceremony for their burials in the yard (p35)
What did Prairie name the two chicks that died?
Willow and Fleece (p35)
What was the name given to the Rhode Island Red chicken that was brave enough to sit in Prairies lap?
Bootstrap (p36)
What was the name of the chick that was so big and bossy?
Ezekiel (p36)
What's the name of the two chicks that Prairie thought were sisters?
Miss Emily and Miss Polly (p36)
What kind of place did Prairies dad work back in North Carolina?
Furniture factory (p36)
What did Prairies dad make to sell?
Bird houses (p36)
What did Prairies mom make to sell?
Quilts (p36)
Which farmers' market was on Saturdays?
Kingston (p39)
What day was the Woostock farmers market?
Wednesday (p39)
What town was the farmers market in on Sunday's?
New Paltz (p39)
Name 3 items Prairie and her parents sold at the farmer's markets.
Bird houses, quilts, garden vegetables, berries (p39), flowers (p40), eggs (p47)
What radio station did Prairie and her parents listen to on the way to the farmers market?
Oldies (p40)
What did Prairie keep nagging her dad to stop doing?
Smoking (p40)
What kind of worms did they pull off the tomato plants?
Hornworms (p42)
What did They do with the hornworms the picked?
Fed them to the chickens (p43)
What are hornworms?
Caterpillars (p43)
On the third day after Prairie found the first egg, how many did she find?
None (p46)
How long after Prairie found the first egg, did it take her to make a dozen?
End of the Week (pg 46)
Which farmers market did Prairie take her first dozen eggs to sell to?
Woodstock (p47)
In what book was the quote "I know, little chicklet, and someday maybe I'll quit, but not right now"
Prairie Evers (p48)
What song did Prairie and her parents sing on the way to the farmers market when Prairie was going to sell her first dozen eggs?
Bye-bye, Miss American Pie (p47)
When the lady spent $505 at the farmers market, what did she buy?
A quilt and a dozen eggs (p52)
In what book is the quote "I have about a million books, and my mama and daddy have a million more."
Prairie Evers (p54)
In what book is the quote "You have not been raised correctly if you don't know any better than to laugh at a person" and who said it?
Prairie Evers, and Prairie said it (p55)
When Prairie was mad at the mean lady at the farmers market, she said she was as plain as what and mean as what?
Plain as a water spigot and means as rain in January (p55)
What was the name of the mean lady from the farmers market that was mad Prairie didn't go to school?
Anne Oliver (p56)
The lady who paid $500 for the quilt offered Prairies mom a job teaching quilting at what kind of a program?
Community arts program (p56)
How doesPrairie describe the coyotes howl?
Sounded so wild and free and mysterious (p60)
After they enrolled Prairie in school, her mom took her shopping. List 3 different items that she got.
Blue jeans, tennis shoes, shirts, sweater (p67)
What is the name of Prairies' rooster ?
Fiddle (p68)
Where did Prairie hide from her mother on the first morning of school?
Henhouse (p69)
What did Prairie have for breakfast her first morning of school?
Eggs (p69)
How did Prairie get to school on her first day?
Rode the bus (p71)
What grade was Prairie in on her first day of school?
Fifth grade (p72)
What was Prairies teachers name?
Mrs. Hanson (p72)
There were two things her teacher told her she couldn't bring into the classroom on her first day. Name them.
Video games or cell phones (p73)
What item of Prairies did the Perkins dog use as a chew toy?
Video game (p73)
Prairie described her skin color to be as brown as what?
Garden dirt (p74)
What did the boys at recess call Prairie?
Hey, Field (p78)
What's the name of Prairies grey cat?
Minerva (p82)
What did Grammy tell Prairie in face of a trying situation?
"Crying don't get the oil changed" (p83)
What's the name of the boy in class that wears a hearing aid?
Charlie (p86)
What was the name of the girl in class that barely spoke English?
Sasha (p86)
Which one of Prairies relatives is part Cherokee?
Great-grandma Evers (p87)
What does Prairies mom tell her that makes making the blankets fun?
Putting the colors and shapes together (p41)
What's Prairies school friends first and last name?
Ivy Blake (p85)
There were four things that Prairie found on "How to give a speech". Name two of them.
Smile, make eye contact, practice, be enthusiastic (p90)
What was Prairies individual class speech about?
Raising chickens (p90)
What did Prairies dad bring to the school to help Prairie with her speech?
Rooster named Fiddle (p90)
When Fiddle got out at school, where did he poop?
Shelf above the blackboard (p94)
Who gave Prairie a high five after her speech?
Aaron Childs (p96)
Who gave a speech about her family's trip to the Grand Canyon?
Amabelle (p97)
What was the title of Ivys' speech?
"The trail of tears" (p98)
What punishment did Mrs Hanson give Prairie and Ivy the day they dressed as twins and got in trouble during reading class?
They has to go out and clap the erasers until the bell rang (p102)
Where did Prairie go when she missed the bus?
Home withy Ivy (p102)
Who drove Prairie home when she missed the bus?
Ivys' mom (p104)
Ivy and Prairie liked a lot of the same things. Prairie mentions a list of five. Name three.
Pepperoni pizza, RC Cola, swimming, singing, and playing monopoly (p107)
What did both Ivy and Prairie want but didn't think they would ever get?
A pair of in-line roller skates (p107)
What chicken followed Ivy around like a puppy?
Smoke (p108)
In what book is the quote "a coyote loves a mouse to eat. I believe it's like a chocolate bar to you or me"
Prairie Evers (p109)
Which cat had babies in October?
Minerva (p113)
What was the name of the smoke colored kitten that Ivy named?
Pup (p108)
Prairies mom told her she couldn't give Ivy a present that was a living thing. What items did Prairie get Ivy instead ?
Ribbons, headbands, and barrettes (p116)
Where did Prairies parents meet?
Craft fair in Ashville (p117)
What present did Prairies mom buy for Ivy and why?
An Ivy plant, to keep her company (p117)
What did Ivy want to teach pup to do?
Fetch (p122)
What was Prairie wanting to teach Ivy in the woods when Ivy got upset and ran away?
To shoot her bb gun (p128)
What happened to Ivys' father?
Her mother shot him and he died (p130)
What was Ivy's aunts name?
Aunt Connie (p130)
What present did Ivy get from her dad the Christmas before he died?
Battleship game (p132)
What did Ivy's aunt Connie die from?
Cancer (p133)
What was Prairies grandmas name?
Patience Evers (p137)
What was Ivys moms new boyfriends name?
George (p139)
What was Prairies favorite subject in school?
Vocabulary (p141)
What does the name Amabelle mean?
Lovable (p142)
What did Prairies mom say she named her Prairie because it was a name with what?
A lot of space to it (p142)
What are four synonyms for the word miscellaneous that Prairies group came up with?
Mixed, varied, assorted, motley (p142)
What word is from the Latin word miscere?
Miscellaneous (p143)
In what book came the quote "Latin is a dead language, dead as it can be, first it killed the Romans and now it's killing me" and who said it?
Prairie Evers, aside by Grandma Patience Evers (p143)
Prairie wrote her grandma and said that her and Ivy now sit with two other kids at lunch. What are their names?
Charlie and Sasha (p144)
What was the Cherokee word Wa-ya translated into English?
Coyote (p148)
What word of the day was Ivy and Pairies idea?
Cherokee Word of the day (p151)
Where did Ivys moms boyfriend George live?
Poughkeepsie (p153)
What's Ivys moms name?
Tracey Blake (p158)
In what book Is the quote "even a woman like Tracy Blake is not going to just let her daughter stay with us permanent."
Prairie Evers (p162)
Prairie had plan A, B, and C to keep Ivy from moving away. What was Plan A?
To write grandma (p162)
Prairie had plan A, B, and C to keep Ivy from moving away. What was Plan B?
Getting mama and daddy thinking (p162)
Prairie had plan A, B, and C to keep Ivy from moving away. What was Plan C?
To figure out something her own self (p162)
When Prairie and her mom Loren asked Ivy if she would like to stay with them to finish out the school year, Ivy replied, I would like that more than what?
Anything (p171)
What does Tracy Blake and George like to do on Friday nights?
Go Bowling (p171)
Where did Ivy and Prairie go when Loren went to talk t o Tracy?
Miss New Paltz (p172)
What was the name of the nice one of the coffee-drinking ladies from the diner?
Erma Phillips (p175)
Who's room did Ivy move in to at the Evers house?
Prairies (p176)
Who gave Ivy the idea to write down things that are in her mind?
Patience Evers (p178)
Patience sent notebooks for Ivy and Prairie what color was each?
Ivys yellow and Prairies red (p179)
What store did Patience buy the notebooks from?
Piggly Wiggly (p180)
What did Prairie think she would use her notebook for, but never did?
Poultry business booking (p180)
What did the FedEx driver deliver on Friday, Dec 3rd, and who for?
Banjo for Prairie and a small guitar for Ivy (p186)
What event was on December 4th?
Prairies birthday (p183)
What did Prairie always have for her birthday breakfast?
Pancakes with Maple surface (p184)
What color was the quilt Loren gave Prairie for her birthday?
Red corduroy on one side and a red-and-blue calico print on the other. (P185)
Loren made Ivy a quilt that was sage-green corduroy on one side and what color calico on the other?
Green and dusty rose (p185)
What present did Prairie get in the Redwing boot box?
Gift certificate for the Agway (p185)
What was the name of the song for the song sheets that Grandma Patience sent with the instruments?
"She'll be coming 'round the mountain when she comes" (p190)
Who surprised the girls when they were practicing their instruments and singing in the yard?
Grandma Patience Evers (p191)
What did Prairie think was the most wonderful time of the year?
Christmas (p196)
What was Prairie making out of colored paper and fabric scraps and ribbons and buttons?
Bookmarks (p196)
What was Ivy doing while Prairie was making bookmarks?
Making cookies (p199)
What did Prairies dad make for Ivy and Prairie for Christmas?
Bunk beds (p202)
Name two things the girls got for Christmas.
Books, games, a puzzle, a sled, bunk beds, songbooks (p202)
What song did grandma teach the girls to play together after Christmas?
Jingle Bells (p202)
Ivy told Prairie she feels like a _____ that stayed to long.
Guest (p204)
Prairie told Ivy that she gave her something she always wanted. What was it?
A friend who's like a sister to her (p206
What did they do on New Years Eve?
Played Monopoly, ate popcorn, drank RC Colas (p211)
Who won the New Years Monopoly game?
Prairie (p211)
What piece did grandma play with on Monopoly ?
Old shoe (p212)
What did Ivy do before she went to bed on New Year's Eve?
Make a list of New Years resolutions (p212)
What was the English word for Di-go-we-lo-di?
Pencil (p212)
Instead of writing New Years resolutions, what did Prairie title her page?
My Flock (p213)
Prairie wrote down the names of her 16 chickens. What was the name of the first one she listed?
Fiddle (p213)
Who said Prairies dads birdhouses were over priced?
Anne Oliver (p213)
What did Prairie write on the top of her third page?
The Old Shoe (p214)
What was the name of Ellen Airgoods adult book that was a Michigan Notable Book in 2012?
South of Superior (pAN)
Where does Ellen Airgood live?
Grand Marais, Michigan (pAN)