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Chapter 28 vocab terms

"the full dinner pail"

McKinley's campaign slogan

Portsmouth Conference

ended Russo-Japanese War; T. Roosevelt

George Washington Goethals

American; helped supervise, open Panama Canal

Philippe Bunau-Varilla

Frenchman; influential in Panama Canal construction

Theodore Roosevelt

26th President; naturalist, soldier, progressive

William Howard Taft

27th President; Supreme Court Chief Justice

Boxer Rebellion

Chinese revolution/ revolt against all foreigners in the country

Hay-Pauncefote Treaty

US given full control over construction/ management of Panama Canal

John Hay

Secretary of State; Open Door Notes; treaties

Root-Takahira Agreement

Japan and USA respect each other's territories; Open Door Policy

Great White Fleet

American Navy's world tour; pressure Japan into "Gentlemen's Agreement"; T. Roosevelt

Gentlemen's Agreement

Japan to voluntarily restrict immigration to USA; T.Roosevelt

Russo-Japanese War

Japan attacked Russia over refusal to withdraw troops after Boxer Rebellion; Manchuria

Roosevelt Corollary

USA= international policemen; in addition to Monroe Doctine

Panama Canal

passage between Atlantic and Pacific Oceans

Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty

USA guaranteed independence to Republic of Panama

Philippine Insurrection

Filipinos led by Aguinaldo against Spanish

Open Door Note

by Hay; respect equal trade opportunities (China)

Big Stick Diplomacy

T. Roosevelt's policy - ask first, but use convincing force

Clayton-Bulwer Treaty

USA/ Britain - neither has exclusive Panama Canal rights

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