20 terms

APUSH Chapter 28

Chapter 28 vocab terms
"the full dinner pail"
McKinley's campaign slogan
Portsmouth Conference
ended Russo-Japanese War; T. Roosevelt
George Washington Goethals
American; helped supervise, open Panama Canal
Philippe Bunau-Varilla
Frenchman; influential in Panama Canal construction
Theodore Roosevelt
26th President; naturalist, soldier, progressive
William Howard Taft
27th President; Supreme Court Chief Justice
Boxer Rebellion
Chinese revolution/ revolt against all foreigners in the country
Hay-Pauncefote Treaty
US given full control over construction/ management of Panama Canal
John Hay
Secretary of State; Open Door Notes; treaties
Root-Takahira Agreement
Japan and USA respect each other's territories; Open Door Policy
Great White Fleet
American Navy's world tour; pressure Japan into "Gentlemen's Agreement"; T. Roosevelt
Gentlemen's Agreement
Japan to voluntarily restrict immigration to USA; T.Roosevelt
Russo-Japanese War
Japan attacked Russia over refusal to withdraw troops after Boxer Rebellion; Manchuria
Roosevelt Corollary
USA= international policemen; in addition to Monroe Doctine
Panama Canal
passage between Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty
USA guaranteed independence to Republic of Panama
Philippine Insurrection
Filipinos led by Aguinaldo against Spanish
Open Door Note
by Hay; respect equal trade opportunities (China)
Big Stick Diplomacy
T. Roosevelt's policy - ask first, but use convincing force
Clayton-Bulwer Treaty
USA/ Britain - neither has exclusive Panama Canal rights