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BYU ELC AVL0751-0775: List 31-collocates


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+noun: reliable information; reliable data; reliable source; reliable measure; reliable instrument
+misc: more reliable; valid and reliable; provide reliable X; most reliable; less reliable
+adj: environmental compliance; federal compliance; full compliance; regulatory compliance
+noun: compliance to the law; program compliance; compliance costs; in compliance with the standards
+verb: ensure compliance; monitor compliance; bring X into compliance; achieve compliance
+adj: increased availability; limited availability; ready availability; increasing availability; wide availability
+noun: availability of a resource; availability of data; availability of water; availability of a service; availability of food
+verb: increase availability; limit availability; affect availability; depend on X's availability; ensure X's availability
+noun: systematic theology; systematic review; systematic observation; systematic analysis; systematic approach
+misc: systematic and comprehensive; little systematic X
+misc: historically black college; historically significant; historically accurate; historically low rates
+adj: high probability; conditional probability; low probability; increased probability; statistical probability
+noun: probability distributions; probability sample; probability of success; probability of events; probability function
+verb: increase probability; probabilities associated with; estimate the probability
+misc: traditionally have; traditionally considered; traditionally associated; traditionally male; traditionally female
+noun: advocate a policy; advocate an approach; advocate a position; advocate reform; advocate independence
+misc: strongly advocate; advocate on behalf of; advocate openly; advocate publicly; advocate radical X
+noun: informal sector; informal network; informal support; informal interview; informal interaction
+misc: informal and formal; conduct informal X
+adj: physical aggression; relational aggression; sexual aggression; reactive aggression
+noun: act of aggression; war of aggression; aggression and other behaviors; level of aggression
+verb: stop the aggression; X is associated with aggression; deter aggression against X
+adj: recent acquisition; nuclear acquisition; initial acquisition; safe acquisition; cognitive acquisition
+noun: skill acquisition; knowledge acquisition; data acquisition; language acquisition; acquisition merger
+verb: facilitate acquisition; finance acquisition; impede the acquisition of X
+noun: the work is critiqued; critique the performance; critique an article; critique an approach
+misc: analyze and critique X; review and critique X
+adj: great likelihood; maximum likelihood; increased likelihood; likelihood of future X; greatest likelihood
+noun: likelihood of success; likelihood ratio; increase the likelihood of X
+verb: increase the likelihood that X will; reduce the likelihood of; decrease the likelihood of; assess the likelihood of
+adj: striking similarity; cultural similarity; remarkable similarity; structural similarity; conceptual similarity
+noun: similarity and difference; degree of similarity; similarity of vocabulary; similarity profile; similarity coefficient
+verb: share similarities; reveal similarities; bears X similarity to Y; similarity exists; highlight similarities
+noun: inherent problem; inherent value; inherent risk; inherent limitation; inherent danger
+misc: because of inherent X; recognize inherent X; overcome inherent X; inherent ethical X; inherent structural X
+misc: actively participating in; actively involved in; actively engaged; actively seek; actively promote; actively involve
+noun: rules governing; laws governing; regulations governing; principles governing; procedures governing
+misc: governed by; govern themselves; federal X govern(ed)(ing); govern effectively; governed primarily by X
+noun: race and ethnicity; gender and ethnicity; age and ethnicity; class and ethnicity; religion and ethnicity
+misc: socioeconomic status and ethnicity; marital status and ethnicity; demographic ethnicity; mixed ethnicity
+adj: territorial integrity; structural integrity; ecological integrity; personal integrity
+noun: integrity of treatment; honesty and integrity; independence and integrity; threat to integrity
+verb: maintain integrity; preserve integrity; protect integrity; ensure integrity; compromise integrity
+noun: emerging market; emerging technology; emerging economy; emerging disease; emerging trend
+misc: newly emerging X; emerging infectious disease; emerging middle class; rapidly emerging X
+noun: selected variable; selected characteristic; selected item; selected sample; selected writing
+misc: randomly selected; carefully selected; selected demographic; fit selected X; selected elementary X
+noun: specify a model; specify a standard; specify a condition; specify criteria; specify a requirement
+misc: not otherwise specified; specify clearly; unless specified; specify exactly; specify an exact X
+noun: correspond to reality; distance corresponds; frequency corresponds; location corresponds
+misc: correspond to; correspond closely; roughly corresponds; correspond exactly; correspond directly
+adj: public sphere; political sphere; private sphere; economic sphere; domestic sphere
+noun: sphere of influence; sphere of life; public sphere; sphere of sovereignty; surface of a sphere
+verb: extend X's sphere; expand a sphere; belongs to that sphere; confine to that sphere; separate that sphere