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Chapter 29 vocab terms

Lochner vs. New York

court case - upheld "right to free contract"

Muller vs. Oregon

court case - restrictions on labor to protect women's health

Northern Securities Case

antitrust case; railroads; T. Roosevelt

Richard Ballinger

Secreatry of the Interior; caused Republican Party split over conservationism conflict with Pinchot

John Muir

naturalist; US wilderness preservation advocate; Sierra Club founder

JP Morgan

financier; United States Steel Corporation

Hiram Johnson

progressive; Governor; Senator

Thorstein Veblen

author - The Theory of the Leisure Class; Norwegian-American

Henry D. Lloyd

author - Wealth Against Commonwealth

Jacob Riis

author - How the Other Half Lives; sociology

Lincoln Steffens

author - The Shame of the Cities

Theodore Dreiser

author - An American Tragedy; Naturalism movement

Ida Tarbell

author - History of the Standard Oil Company

Robert LaFollette

Progressive movement leader; debater; libertarian reforms; Wisconsin

Frances Willard

Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) president

Florence Kelley

National Consumer's League founder; consumerism

Gifford Pinchot

Forestry Department Head; fired by Taft over consevationism controversy with Ballinger

Charles Evans Hughes

Secretary of State; Supreme Court Chief Justice; regulation of public utilities

Upton Sinclair

author - The Jungle

William Howard Taft

27th president; Supreme Court Chief Justice


journalists who publicized society's ills

17th Amendment

1913 - people elect senators

18th Amendment

1919 - prohibited alcohol

Elkins Act

outlawed rebates; railroads coudn't transport goods they owned

Hepburn Act

stricter railroad control; expanded Interstate Commerce Commission powers

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory

location of deadly fire; ked to federal regulations

Old Guard


Meat Inspection Act

sanitary meat packing; inspection of meat products shipped over state lines

Pure Food and Drug Act

no mislabled or adulterated food or drugs

Newlands Act

authorized federal money to develop West; preotect resources

Dollar Diplomacy

give countries money to avoid military intervention; Taft, Knox

Payne-Aldrich Act

lowered tariffs - no more foreign competition fear; (see Underwood Tariff)

Ballinger-Pinchot Affair

Cabinet members fought over money/ effort for conservation

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