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The systems development life cycle methodology is useful when creating an e-commerce Web site.
One of the most important challenges in developing an e-commerce presence is understanding that the technology must drive the business.
Using prebuilt templates is typically one of the most cost-effective choices when building a Web site.
The annual maintenance cost for a Web site is likely to be as high as its development cost.
In a two-tier architecture, a Web server is linked to one middle-tier layer that typically includes a series of application servers, as well as to another back-end layer.
Apache Web server software is based on Microsoft's Windows operating system.
The Web server software used does not significantly impact how a Web site's Web pages look on users' computers.
Prior to the development of e-commerce, Web sites primarily delivered static content.
Dynamic page generation makes market segmentation easier.
A list server is an application server used to provide a database for product descriptions and prices.
Upgrading a server from a single processor to multiple processors is an example of scaling a site horizontally.
Storing HTML pages in RAM rather than on a server's hard drive is an inexpensive way to fine-tune the processing architecture of a Web site.
A "native" app is one designed to specifically operate using a mobile device's hardware and operating system.
Accessibility rules help to ensure that low-bandwidth users can access your Web site.
Mobile Web apps are typically built using HTML5 and Java.
What are the two most important management challenges in building a successful e-commerce presence?
Developing a clear understanding of business objectives and knowing how to choose the right technology to achieve those objectives
In order from beginning to end, the major steps in the SDLC, are:
Systems analysis/planning; systems design; building the system; testing; and implementation.
________ are the types of information systems capabilities needed to meet business objectives.
System functionalities
Which of the following basic system functionalities is used to display goods on a Web site?
digital catalog
Which system functionality must your Web site have in order to be able to personalize or customize a product for a client?
customer on-site tracking
A system design has two main components:
a logical design and a physical design.
Which of the following helps you understand the marketing effectiveness of your e-commerce site?
site tracking and reporting system
Which of the following is not one of the basic business objectives for an e-commerce site?
optimize system architecture
All of the following are basic information requirements for a product database except:
customer ID numbers.
Which of the following typically includes a data flow diagram to describe the flow of information for an e-commerce site?
logical design
Which of the following details the actual hardware components to be used in a system?
physical design
________ verifies that the business objectives of the system as originally conceived are in fact working.
Acceptance testing
The leading Web server software is:
All of the following are basic functionality provided by Web servers except:
a shopping cart.
Which of the following is used to process certificates and private/public key information?
Which of the following would you use to identify orphan files?
site management tools
Which of the following is an example of a CMS?
Advantages of dynamic page generation include all of the following except:
client-side execution of programming.
Which of the following cannot be used to retrieve objects from a database?
Which of the following types of servers monitors and controls access to a main Web server and implements firewall protection?
proxy server
Which of the following technologies could you use to place the content of your Web site in a database so that you can then dynamically generate requests for pages?
Which of the following is not a type of application server?
FTP server
All of the following are basic functionality provided by e-commerce merchant server software except:
marketing software.
Which of the following is not one of the main factors in Web site optimization?
page stickiness
An e-commerce Web site that processes orders requires, at minimum, a ________ system architecture.
All of the following are Web site design features that annoy customers except:
redundant navigation.
Which of the following is not an open source software tool?
The term stateless refers to the fact that:
the server does not have to maintain an ongoing dedicated interaction with the client computer.
The structure of a market is described in terms of all of the following except:
Which of the following types of sites typically tends to have high to very high page views (hits)?
Which of the following types of sites typically needs a high percentage of secure pages?
Which of the following is not a main factor in determining overall demand for an e-commerce site?
static file sizes
The cost of hardware, software, and telecommunications services needed to build a Web site have ________ over the last decade.
decreased dramatically
Which of the following is the final stage suggested for a six-phase plan to develop an e-commerce presence?
mobile plan
Which of the following is not an example of one of the four kinds of e-commerce presence?
customer management system
All of the following are steps one can take to right-size a Web site's hardware platform and meet demands for service except:
replacing static pages with dynamically generated pages.
All of the following are methods of improving the processing architecture of a Web site except:
adding Web servers.
Which of the following is the least expensive path to creating a mobile Internet presence?
resizing an existing Web site for mobile use
All of the following are important factors in Web site optimization except:
adhering to accessibility guidelines.
________ provides a set of standards for communicating between a browser and a program running on a server that allows for interaction between the user and server.
________ is a programming language invented by Netscape used to control the objects on an HTML page and handle interactions with the browser.
The primary way a Web site is able to personalize the content presented to a visitor is through the use of:
Which of the following is an example of dynamic content?
blog posts