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What are the 3 qualifications to be Missouri voter?

1) 18 years old
2) Registered to vote
3) Qualified voter

Special Purpose district

created for a specific purpose - usually govern themselves, for example a school, ambulance, water, fire protection.

What year did Missouri become a State?

1821 (August 10)

How many constitutions has the state of Missouri operated under?

4, with the current one adopted in 1945.

What is Missouri's nickname?

The Show-Me State

What is the name of the oldest town in Missouri?

Saint Genevieve

Missouri was part of the territory in the Louisana Purchase. From what country did the U.S acquire this land?

France under Napoleon Bonaparte

Of the 50 states, what is Missouri's statehood rank?

Missouri is the 24th state admitted to the Union.

What was the Missouri Compromise?

Also known as the Compromise of 1820, it admitted two states to the US: Maine, a free state, and Missouri, a slave state. Any territory North of the 36 30' (except Missouri) was forever closed to slavery.

Harry S. Truman

33rd president of the United States. Under his leadership the United States saw the end of the Second World War with the dropping of the two atomic bombs on Japan and also the establishment of the Truman Doctrine for foreign policy, which seeks to limit the spread of Communism. He is the only President from Missouri.

Name 3 military leaders from Missouri.

John J. Pershing (WWI from Laclede)
Omar N. Bradley (WWII)
James H. Doolittle (WWII)

How many Missouri Senators (senatorial districts) are there?


How many Missouri Legislative districts do we currently have to elect members to the MO house of representatives?


What is the minimum age for a MO member of the house of representatives?

24 years old

What is the minimum age for a MO member of the senate?

30 years old

President Pro Tem

Member of the House of Representatives or Senate who presides over their respective chamber when the Speaker of the House, or the President of the Senate (Lieutenant governor) is unavailable.

What is the job of the Party Whip?

In each chamber, this representative directs the support of party members for the party's programs, bills, and objectives.

What is the title of the main officer in the MO house of representatives?

Speaker of the House

What is the title of the main officer in the MO senate?

President of the senate

What is the job of the majority and minority floor leaders in both chambers?

These legislators manage all floor legislative action on behalf of their parties. The Majority Floor Leader sets the schedule and order of business for the Senate.

What are the 3 qualifications to be a MO senator?

30 years old.
qualified voter in MO for 3 years.
Resident of his/her district for 1 year.

What are the 3 qualifications to be a MO representative in the House of representatives?

24 years old.
qualified voter in MO for 2 years.
Resident in his/her district for 1 year.

How many terms can you serve as a MO representative in the MO house of representatives?

4 terms (2 years equals 1 term in office) or 8 years.

How many terms can you serve as a MO senator?

2 terms (4 years equals 1 term in office) or 8 years.

What is the name of the law making body in MO made up of the House of Representatives and the Senate together?

The General Assembly

What are the 3 qualifications for Governor/Lieutenant Governor?

30 years old.
U.S. citizen for the past 15 years.
Missouri resident for the past 10 years

How many departments operate in the Executive Branch?


What is the main job of the Secretary of State of MO?

the chief election official, keeper of the Great Seal of the State of MO. commercial code and securities matters.

What is the main job of the MO State Auditor?

Make sure that the officials and agencies of the executive branch are spending their money the way they are required to by state law. Responsible for auditing the General Assembly and counties.

What is the main job of the MO Treasurer?

They handle state funds. The treasurer takes the money received by the state through taxes and other sources, not needed to operate the state government and invests it.

What is the main job of the Attorney General?

give non-binding legal opinions to the governor, the General Assembly and other state officials. They represent the state of MO in court.

Circuit Court

MO has 46 judicial circuits. Main trial court. Court handles original civil and criminal cases as well as misdemeanors and felonies.

Court of Appeals

MO has 3 (St. Louis, Kansas City and Springfield) Court hears cases from lower courts whose decisions have been appealed and do not involve important constitutional issues.

MO Supreme Court

Highest court in MO. Hears cases appealed from the courts of appeals or involving the death penalty, life imprisonment a, a U.S. treaty or statute or construction of the U.S. and MO constitutions.

How many MO supreme court justices serve?


How long is the term for a MO supreme court justice?

12 years

How many counties are in Missouri?

114 counties

Mayor-Council Form of City Government

City council has 4 or more elected members and a mayor who is either elected by the people or chosen from members of the city council. This is the main form of city government. (Kansas City)

Commission Form of City Government

Members of the board are elected and perform both the legislative and the executive functions of city government.

Council-Manager form of City Government

Members of the council are elected by the people and serve as the legislative body. An elected mayor has little administrative power but does preside over council meetings. The City Manager is the chief executive and is hired by the city.

Where is Missouri's State Capitol?

Jefferson City, MO

How many capitols has Missouri had and where?

4 (St. Louis 2 different locations, St. Charles, then Jefferson City) (6 different buildings)

Who painted the major murals in the capitol building?

Thomas Hart Benton

Name a famous writer/humorist from Missouri?

Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)

Name a famous agronomist from Missouri?

George Washington Carver

Name 3 other Famous Missourians?

Walt Disney, Walter Cronkite, Ewing Kauffman, Emmett Kelly, Scott Joplin, Stan Musial, Charlie Parker, J.C. Penney, Laura Ingalls Wilder.

How does a bill becomes a law?

1. Bill is introduced, read, given a number and assigned to a committee
2. Bill is studied and debated in committee. It may die in committee or
3. Bill is read again, and voted on by one house, amendments added, etc.
4. Bill is sent to the other house where it goes through the same process as before.
5. Both houses have to approve the identical bill.
6. Bill is sent to the Governor for approval or veto.

What is one power the MO governor has that our U.S. president does not have?

The power of line item veto.

How often are representative districts redrawn in MO?

Every 10 years after the census is taken to determine population distribution.

What is a referendum?

A referendum is a process in which a bill is "referred" from the legislature to the voters or is a process in which voters can approve a law that is passed by the legislature.

What is an initiative?

a procedure that enables a specific number of voters to propose a law by petition

What are the 2 major political parties in MO?

Republican and Democratic

Name of the current Governor in Missouri

Jay Nixon

Name of current Lieutenant Governor in Missouri

Peter Kinder

Name of current Attorney General in Missouri

Chris Koster

Name of current Secretary of State of Missouri

Jason Kander

Name of current Auditor of the State of Missouri

Nicole Galloway

Name of current Treasurer of the State of Missouri

Clint Zweifel

Who is your MO Senate District 12 representative?

Dan Hegeman

Who is your MO House of Representatives District 2 representative?

J. Eggleston

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