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Marbury vs. Madison

Established Judicial Review

McCulloch vs. Maryland

National government is supreme to states

Dartmouth College vs. Ogden

Upheld power of Judicial Review

Gibbons vs. Ogden

Congress has the power to regulae interstate commerce

Dred Scott vs. Sanford

Congress cannot forbid Slavery. Slaves are not citizens

Plessy vs. Ferguson

Seperate but Equal

Koramatsu vs. US

Japanese can be sent to internment camps during WWII

Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education

Schools must desegragate

Mapp vs. Ohio

Evidence found in a illegal search cannot be used against you

Engle vs. Vitale

No prayer in schools

Gideon vs. Wainright

Everyone has a right to a lawyer

Escobedo vs. Illinois

Everyone can have a lawyer during questioning

Heart of Atlanta Motel vs. US

Hotels and Motels cannot discriminate in providing rooms

Miranda vs. Arizona

Everyone must be read their rights before formal questioning

In Re Gault

Juveniles have a right to due process and a lawyer

Tinker vs. Des Moines School District

Students have free expression in schools

Swann vs. Charlotte Mecklenburg Board of Education

Using busing to integrate schools

Furman vs. Georgia

Death penalty laws can not discriminate

US vs. Nixon

Limits presidents use of Executive Privilege

Roe vs. Wade

Legalized Abortion

Gregg vs. Georgia

Death penalty does not go against the 8th amendment

Regents of California vs. Bakke

Affirmative action can be used in college admissions when properly constructed

New Jersey vs. TLO

Schools can search with reasonable suspicion

Bethel School District vs. Fraser

Schools can limit students speech

Hazelwood School District vs. Kuhlmeier

School can limit publications

Texas vs. Johnson

Flag buring is protected as Freedom of Expression

State vs. Mann

A masters power over a slave is absolute

Leandro vs. NC

Everyon in NC has a right to a sound, and basic education

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