Quiz 5 Organized Crime

What was the name commonly used to describe the organized crime syndicate in Chicago?
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"Operation Family Secrets" was a Chicago investigation built around a son testifying against his father. Who were the father and son?Frank Calabrese Jr., Frank Calabrese Sr. 7Where did much of the financing come from when the mob secretly built and controlled casinos in Las Vegas in the 1950s and 1960s?Teamsters UnionWhat is the casino skim?Stole money before reporting itName three cities, other than Chicago, whose mob families had a piece of the Las Vegas casino skim?Milwaukee, Kansas city, Cleveland ?The movie Casino was based on actual events and real people. Who were the real life characters on whom the Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci characters were based?Rosenthal, Tony Spaltaro ?Which U.S. Senator allegedly took part in an orgy arranged by the mob while visiting Havana in the 1950s?John F KennedyWhat did Meyer Lansky and Santo Trafficante later regret after that orgy?Not video recording it/ getting it on tapeWhat mob boss was killed while in a barber shop chair in the Park Sheraton Hotel in New York?Albert AnastasiaDuring the revolution, Castro issued a "manifesto" in which he said gambling and corruption would be eradicated if he succeeded. What was the name of that manifesto?Sierra Manifesto