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JC Virus


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What is another name for JC virus?
Human Polyomavirus
To what family does JC virus belong?
What does JC virus cause?
Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML)
What is the genome of JC virus?
dsDNA, circular
Is human polyomavirus enveloped?
What is bigger; polyomaviruses or papillomaviruses?
What are polyomaviruses?
Ubiquitous viruses that usually do not cause disease. Latent viruses.
Where is JC virus found?
In the brain of patients with progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML), a disease of the white matter of the brain.
What is the mode of action of JC virus?
The virus targets cells that make myelin. 60-80% of adults are seropositive for the virus, but it is latent in immunocompetent individuals.
Can JC virus cross the blood brain barrier?
What are the symptoms of primary infection?
What are the symptoms of PML?
Neurological symptoms with speech, vision, coordination, mentation, etc. May be followed by paralysis of the arms and legs, and finally death. Most die within 2 years.
Is serology a means for diagnosis of JC virus?
No, because so many people are seropositive for it.
How is JC virus causing PML diagnosed?
Clinical, radiographic and PCR data.
How can JC virus be transmitted?
Saliva, across the placenta, urine, blood and sex.
What viruses can be transmitted via urine?
JC virus, measles, rubella, SARS, CMV
What is the treatment for PML?
Reversal of the immune-deficient state, via plasma exchange. With HIV-associated PML , immediate ART will benefit most. Cidofovir is being studied.