First Quarter Exam

chapters 1,3,5,9,13,21
Ways to promote physical wellness include
avoiding alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, drugs, and risky sexual behavior
Obtaining continual learning and using common sense are examples of ways to promote
mental and intellectual wellness
Public health and sanitation systems were first developed by the
ancient Romans
The Father of Medicine
Bifocals for glasses were invented by
Benjamin Franklin
A vaccination for smallpox was developed in 1796 by
Edward Jenner
Disinfectants and antiseptics were first used to prevent infection during surgery by
Joseph Lister
The founder of the American Red Cross in 1881 was
Clara Barton
The professional education of nurses was started by
Florence Nightingale
The individual whose studies formed the basis for psychology ans psychiatry is
Sigmund Freud
Pinicillin was discoverd in 1928 by
Sir Alexander Fleming
The polio vaccine was developed in 1952 by
Jonas Salk
The first "test tube" baby was born in England in the
AIDS was identified as a disease in the
Birth control pills were first approved by the FDA in the
The first kidney transplant in humans was preformed in the
The CAM therapy that encourages the use of certain vitamins to neutralize free radicals is
The CAM therapy that uses breathing and muscles relaxation techniques to quiet the mind by focusing attention on obtaining a sense of oneness is
The CAM therapy based on the belief that illness and pain occur when Qi (life energy) is blocked as it flows through meridians is
The CAM practitioner who believes that life energy flows through every living person in an invisible system of meridians is a/an
Chinese medicine practitioner
The name of the type of health care that offers both mainstream medical treatments and CAM therapies to treat a patient is a/an
integrative care
The CAM therapy that uses special machines to produce negatively charge air particles or ions which are used to treat common respiratory disorders is a/an
ionization therapy
Which of the following viruses has the ability to cause a pandemic?
all of them
Which of the following viruses is the cause of avian (bird) flu?
H5N1 virus
A degree awarded by a college or university after a prescribed course of study that usually last four or more years is a/an
bachelor's degree
A process by which a government agency authorizes individuals towork in a given occupation after the person has completed an approved education program and passed a state board test is
In order to renew licenses or maintain certification individuals must obtain additional hours of education called
continuing education units
A level of education for health occupations that usually requires at least three to four years of college plus work experience is
technologist or therapist
An individual who organizes, manages, and assumes the risk of a business is a /an
A dental specialty that treats and prevents diseases of the gingiva or gums, bones, and structures supporting the teeth is
A dental specialty that treats diseases of the pulp, nerves, blood vessels, and roots of the teeth is
A dental specialty that replaces natural teeth with artificial teeth or dentures is
A medical specialist who treats disease of the skin is a/an
A medical specialist who treats disease and disorders of children is a/an
A medical specialist who treats diseases of elderly individuals is a/an
A medical specialist who treats disease of the female reproductive system is a/an
A medical specialist who treats tumors and cancers is a/an
A medical specialist who treats diseases and disorders of the eye is a/an
A medical specialist who treats diseases and disorders of muscles and bones is a/an
A medical specialist who treats diseases and disorders of the stomach
An example of a health career in the NHCSS health informatics services cluster is
medical illustrator
An example of a health career in the NHCSS therapeutic services cluster is
dental hygienists
An example of a health career in the NHCSS biotechnology research and development cluster is a/an
forensic science technician
A/an__ identifies and tracks diseases as they occur in a group of people and develops methods to prevent or control the spread of disease
A/an __ provides information to individuals and families on inherited diseases or conditions
genetic counselor
The NHCSS standards that specify the knowledge and skills required of workers in health care careers involved with documentationof patient care are the
health informatics services
Failure to give care that is normally expected of a person in a particular position resulting in injury to another person
If a health care worker sends information to an insurance company without a patients written consent this can be
invasion of privacy
If a physician fails to use a degree of skill and learning commonly expected and the person receiving care is injured the physician can be sued for
If a patient is physically restrained without proper authorization or justification this can lead to a charge of
false imprisonment
Any care that results in physical harm, pain, or mental anguish can lead to a charge of
A false written statement that causes a person to be ridiculed or damages the person's reputation is known as
A set of principles relating to what is morally right or wrong are known as
Which of the following is not a patients right?
a patient is entitled to free care regardless of circumstances
A legal document that allows an individual to state what measures should or should not be taken to prolong life when a condition is terminal is a
living will
Permission granted voluntarily by a person who is of sound mind after a procedure and all risks involved have been explained is
informed consent
Writing threats or abusive statements is an example of
verbal abuse
Which of the following are signs or symptoms of abuse?
all of the above
Which of the following is not a requirement of the Patient Self-Determination Act?
provide legal assistance for preparing advance directives
An example of a tort is
slapping a patient
The privacy standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) require all of the following except
patients must sign a consent form to allow a birth or death certificate to be recorded by a government agency
Whichof the following is not a characteristic of culture?
culture stays the same form generation to generation
Countries of orgin for European Americans include all of the following except
Countries of orgin for Middle Eastern/ Arabic Americans include all of the following except
The belief that college- educated individuals are superior to uneducated individuals is an example of a/an
The belief that all teenagers are reckless drivers is an example of a/an
Examples of ways to avoid bias, prejudice, and stereotyping include all of the following except
adopt the beliefs of others to show you understand
A family that consists of a mother, father, and children is an example of a/an
nuclear family
Methods to use while providingcare to people who have limited English- speaking abilities include all of the following except
speak loudly and slowly
Mind and body control methods of alternative health care include all of the following except
Whiich of the following relogions prohibits the use of blood or blood products?
Jehovah's Witness
The cultural group that believes heatlth is a balance of two energy forces yin and yang is
A religion that discourages organ donation but allows it to be an individua'ls decision is
Christian Science
When an assumption is made that everyone in a particular group is the same this is an example of
The ability to recognize and appreciate the personal characteristics of others is
The use of correct body mechanics is needed to
use the strongest muscles
How many inches apart should the feet be to maintain a broad base of support?
8 to 10
to get close to an object
bend form hips and knees
If you find a peice of damaged equiptment
report it immediatly
How many times should you read the lables on a solution bottle
3 times
If a solution such as acetic spills on a counter
report it immediatly
If a particle gets in your eye
report it immediatly
safety glasses are
required for some procedures
In case of a fire in a health care facility the most important thing to do is
remain calm
The three things needed in order for a fire to start are
heat, fuel, and oxygen
Ergonomics includes all of the following except
deternining which repetitive movements will be most effective
Most fire emergency plans usually include all of the following except
doors and windows should be opened to expel the smoke
Solutions used in health care facilities
can be dangerous so avoid eye and skin contact
While handling any electrical equiptment be sure to
check everything
Created the first mercury thermometer in 1714
Gabriel fahrenheit
Invented the microscope in 1666
Anton Van Leeuwenhoek
Invented the stethoscope in 1816
Rene Laennec
Became the first female physician in the US in 1849
Elizabeth Blackwell
Discovered X-rays in 1895
William Roentgen
Developed the culture plate method to identify pathogens in 1882
Robert Koch
Isolated Radium in 1910
Marie Curie
Established efficient and sanitary nursing units during the Crimean War
Florence Nightingale
Described the circulation of blood to and from the heart in 1628
William Harvey
Proved microorganisms cause disease and created a vaccine for rabies
Louis Pasteur
Provide emergency prehospital care to accident victims
Manage the operation of a health care facility
health care administrator
Organize and code patients records gather statistical data
health information technician
Dispense medications and provide information on drugs
Use recreational and leisure activities as a form of treatment
recreational therapist
Operate the heart-lung machines
Study human behavior help individuals deal with the problems of living
Operate machine to record electrical activity in the brain
electroencephalographic technologist
Dentist specializing in alignment or straightening of the teeth
Works under the supervision of dentist to remove stains and deposits from the teeth
dental hygienist
Study tissues, fluids, and cells of the body to help determine the presence and/or cause of disease
medical laboratory technologist
Order, maintain, and stock all of the equipment and supplies used in a health care facility
central/sterile supply worker
Nurse assistants who provide care for patients in long term care facilities
Geriatric assistant
Assess nutritional needs of individuals and manage food service systems
Provide care to individuals with hearing problems
Classification of people based on physical or biological characteristics
Ability to recognize and appreciate the personal characteristics of others
Family structure in which the mother is the authority figure
Classification of people based on national orgin and/or culture
Process of learning the beliefs and behaviors of a dominant culture and assuming some of its characteristics
Assumption that everyone in a particular group is the same
Person who does not believe in any diety
Beliefs individuals have about themselves, their connections with others, and their relationship with a higher power
Individuals who believe in supremacy of their own ethnic group
Preference that inhabits impartial judgement
Person who believes that the existence of God cannot be proved or disproved
A strong feeling that is formed without reviewing facts or information
Class A
contains pressurized water, used on paper, cloth, and wood fires
Class B
Contains potassium biocarbonate, sodium biocarbonate, carbon dioxide, used on gas, oil, paint, cooking oils, and falmmable liquids
Class C
contains halon gas, used on electrical fires
Class D
often for one metal, used on burning combustable metals,
The first sign of a pressure ulcer is
pale, red or blue-gray, discoloration on the skin
Patients confined to bed should have their position changed at least
every 2 hours
Term for dizziness
Does not apply while transferring a patient on a streacher
move the patient in a headfirst direction
Type of bed that is made after a patient is discharged
closed bed
Solution that can be used to help remove tangles
baby oil
Does not apply while shaving a patient
shave in the opposite direction of hair growth