Test "Zoo" "All Summer In a Day"

the closet
which setting does the author show the children's cruelty in All Summer?
How does William show his desrespect for Margot?
He shoves her and tells her the sun will not shine
In "Zoo" what does the little horse spider especially enjoy on its visit around the universe?
the place called Earth
Why do 10,000 people go see Professor Hugo's zoo while in Chicago?
They are fascinated by the creatures on display
Why does Margot refuse to shower or let the water touch her head?
She experiences the shower, the same way she experiences the rain she is bein driven crazy by the rain.
How much do the people of Earth pay to see the zoo?
one dollar
In "All Summer in a Day", why do the children say "Yes, we are all here"?
they want Margot to miss the sun
What are the children doing at the beginning of "All Summer in A Day" ?
they are peering out the window
How do we know that the children feel guilty in "All Summer in a Day"?
They can not look each other in the eye, their faces are solemn and pale, they look at their hands and feet.
In Zoo, how often does Professor Hugo bring his zoo to Chicago?
Once every year, around August 23 for six hours
How might you describe professor Hugo's appearance?
many colored rainbow cape and top hat typical flashy showman
The theme of "Zoo" is...
People fear those who are different from them and so fail to see how they are similar
"What is happening in "All Summer in a Day: for "A thousand forests had been crushed under the rain and grown up only to be crushed again"
It had been raining for a very long time.
what are commocs?
The money used on the planed Kaan
How might you describe professor Hugo's Zoo?
It displays strange creatures from outer space
why does Margot know the sun is going to appear
the sun appears at predictable times in Venus
what is the most important difference between Margot and her classmates?
She remembers the sun, they do not.
What do the creatures from Kaan think is strange about the people from Earth?
They walk on two legs and wear clothing
What is the author's purpose from this passage? "The sun faded behind a stir of mist. A cool wind blew around them...their smiles vanishing away"
He wishes to create a mood
In "Zoo" how do the horse spiders view the cages that separate them from visitors?
They believe they protect them.
How do the children show their disrespect for Margot?
they lock her in a closet