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Missuguseid karakteristikuid varase koolkonna esindajad rõhutasid?
(Lk 421) They emphasized organizations' internal processes and characteristics, such as decision-making processes, information-processing limitations, power and coalitions, and hierarchical structures. In many respects, it is likely that the early development of strategic management thinking has been influenced, at least to a certain extent, by these early classics' detailed expositions of organizations' internal processes and focus on the important roles of managers.
Tööstusorganisatsioonide periood: millise seletuse pakkus organisatsiooni struktuur töötajate käitumise kohta?
(Lk 426) The central tenet of this paradigm, as summarized by Porter (1981), is that a firm's performance is primarily a function of the industry environment in which it competes; and because structure determines conduct (or conduct is simply a reflection of the industry environment), which in turn determines performance, conduct can be ignored and performance can, therefore, be explained by structure.