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Energy Resources

energy resources

natural resources that humans use to produce energy.


benefit resulting from some event or action


an unfavorable situation that is not good


a solid, hard black substance that burns and gives off heat. Coal is composed mostly of carbon. It is formed from partly decayed vegetable matter under great pressure and heat in the earth.


liquid fossil fuel formed from marine organisms that is burned to obtain energy and used in the manufacture of plastics

natural gas

A resource that is used in heating systems, in stoves, ovens, and some vehicles. It is the cleanest burning fossil fuel.

nuclear power

power produced by the splitting of atoms to produces steam to turn turbines to produce electricity


plant materials and animal waste used as fuel

wind energy

Renewable energy produced by the wind.turning a generator to produce electricity

hydropower (hydroelectric)

The use of the kinetic energy in moving water such as rivers or tidal currents to generate electricity

geothermal energy

Energy from steam or hot water produced from hot or molten underground rocks.

solar energy

energy from the sun that is converted into thermal or electrical energy

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