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scary batan animal that flies at nightcauldrona large pot for boiling over a fireJack-o-lanterna pumpkin with a face and a candle insidecemeterywhere people are buried when they dieskeletonall the bones in your bodywebwhere a spider livesFrankensteina fictional scientist who creates a monsterscarysomething that makes you afraidmasksomething you wear over your facetombstonea cement block that marks a gravewitchCasts spells, flies on brooms, laughs loudlyghostsspirits of the deadmonstera scary creaturewizardHarry Potter is a famous onespookyfrightening, creepy, eerieDraculaa famous vampirezombiea living dead personbroomstickWhat a witch ridescostumea type or style of clothingdeathpermanent end of life-sustaining functionswerewolfcreature believed to transform from man to wolfmummybody that has been wrapped in bandagescarveto cut into somethingFrankensteina monster created by a scientist

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