17 terms

KE Chapter 18 (Essentials Q2)

Hertiage inconsistent
Client who has acculturated into dominant culture of modern society in which they reside
Things passed down from previous generations
Blief in the superiority of one's own culture and lifestyle
Holistic health belief
Holds that the forces of nature must be maintained in balance or illness results
Cultural broker
One who engages both parties effectively and efficiently in accessing the nuances and hidden sociocultural assumptions embedded in each other's language
Folk medicine
Beliefs and practices relating to illness and healing that derive from cultural traditions rather than from modern medicine's scientific base
Biomedical Health Belief
Based on the blief that life is controlled by physical and biochemical processes that can be manipulated by huamsn
Health disparities
Differences in care experienced by one population compared with another population
Heritage consistent
client who identifies with traditional cultural heritage
Relationship between individuals who believe that they have distinctive characteristics that make them a group
Transcultural nursing
Centered on the client's cultural perspectives, integrating the client's values and beliefs into the plan of care
Learned and shared patterns of information that a group uses to generate meaning among its members
Involuntary process occurs when people include belief that races are inherently unequal
Culturally responsive care
Centered on client's cultural perspectives, integrating client's values and beliefs into the plan of care
Composed of people who have a distinct identiy and yet are related to a larger cultural group
A person who has dual patterns of identification and crosses two cultures, lifestyles, and sets of values
Assumption that an individual reflects all characteristics associated with being a member of the group