18 terms

Quiz 5

chapter 4
accommodation; lens
Abbie is nearsighted. Her vision defect reflects an error in _________, the process by which the __________ changes shape to focus an image on the retina.
You know that a passing bus is nearer than a parked car because the bus momentarily blocks your view of the car. This example illustrates the depth cue of ________.
cochlea -> hair cells -> cilia
Which of the following sequences CORRECTLY arranges the structures of the inner ear from the largest and most inclusive to the smallest and most specific?
cornea -> pupil -> lens -> retina
Which of the following sequences accurately reflects the order in which light passes through the structures of the eye during vision?
In the visual system, ganglion cells convert the light detected by the retina into electrical impulses, which then travel to the brain. This example illustrates the process of _________.
Consider the figure within parentheses: (XX XX XX). That we perceive three pairs of Xs reflects the Gestalt principle(s) of:
the change in a stimulus that can just barely be detected
Which of the following best defines the difference threshold (jnd)?
rods; cones
Adelaide notices a flicker of motion out of the corner of her eye as she hurries down a dim alley late at night. Sydney deciphers a complex wiring diagram under the bright glare of her desk lamp. Adelaide's vision is driven mainly by her _________. Sydney is mainly using her ________.
How many basic sensations are detected by the nerve endings in the skin?
the way color is represented according to trichromatic theory
Suppose each pixel on your TV screen or computer monitor codes the color of an image at that point in terms of red, blue, and green values. This closely resembles:
pupil-regulates the amount of light entering the eye
Which of the following structures of the eye is correctly matched with its function?
cochlea; rods and cones; retina
Making an analogy between hearing and vision, the auditory hair cells in the ________ are similar to the ________ in the __________.
false alarm
Randy is really hoping to see Lady Gaga after the concert. He sees a person who looks like her and exclaims "Hey, Lady Gaga!" But really, it's just a fan and not Lady Gaga. In signal detection terms, Randy's response reflects a __________.
"It's so noisy! How can you stand it?" remarks Caitlyn as the thruway traffic screams past her friend Dave's ground floor apartment. "I don't even notice it anymore," Dave replies. This exchange best exemplifies the perceptual process of:
Which of the following is a measure of relative loudness?
Approximately ______% of the accidents on commercial airplanes reflect human error.
constant proportion
For a given stimulus dimension, such as weight, the just-noticeable difference (jnd) will be a:
Roast beef with a rich brown gravy is often described as a 'savory' dish. The basic taste prominent in such a dish is _____________.