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  1. Superior meatus receives secretions from
  2. The conchae are named
  3. What forms the bony framework of the nose?
  4. Maxillary division of trigeminal nerve: travels through roof of the
    _________. It is carrying sensory information from the _____ and ____
  5. The nerve supply to the anterior-superior portion of the nasal mucosa is
    from the ______ by way of the
  1. a superior, middle and inferior
  2. b maxillae and nasal bones
  3. c pterygopalatine fossa; nasal and oral
  4. d ophthalmic nerve (V1); anterior and posterior
    ethmoidal nerves, branches of the nasociliary nerve
  5. e posterior ethmoid air cells

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  1. eye
  2. -Anteriorly: maxilla
    -Posteriorly: pterygoid process of sphenoid bone
    - Medially: perpendicular plate of palatine bone
    - Superiorly: inferior surface of sphenoid bone
    - Laterally: pyramidal process of palatine bone
  3. facial and ophthalmic arteries
  4. -anterior ethmoidal artery (from ophthalmic artery)
    - posterior ethmoidal artery (from ophthalmic artery)
    - sphenopalatine artery (from maxillary artery)
    - greater palatine artery (from maxillary artery)
    - septal branch of superior labial artery (from facial artery)
  5. sphenopalatine foramen to the nasal cavity; palate

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  1. What are several important structures in the vicinity of the sphenoid sinuslateral nasal, septal and alar


  2. The meatuses are namedanastomotic arterial plexus involving all
    five arteries (above) supplying the anterior part of the nasal septum


  3. Torus tubariuselevation formed by cartilaginous portion of pharyngotympanic tube


  4. Nasopharynxthe region of the pharynx just posterior to the nasal cavity


  5. Once the maxillary artery travels through the infratemporal fossa (from posterior to anterior) it dives into thepterygopalatine fossa.