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  1. The nasal cavity is lined with mucosa except for
  2. Once the maxillary artery travels through the infratemporal fossa (from posterior to anterior) it dives into the
  3. Maxillary sinus
    -opens into
    -foof forms ___
  4. The nasal cavity communicates with surface of _____ via nasolacrimal duct
  5. What are the three functional areas of the nasal cavity
  1. a -opens into middle meatus (via semilunar hiatus)
    - roof forms floor of orbit
    -innervated by V2
  2. b eye
  3. c the vestibule
  4. d pterygopalatine fossa.
  5. e 1. vestibule
    2. respiratory area
    3. olfactory area

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  1. superior, middle and inferior
  2. maxillae and nasal bones
  3. the incisive canal
  4. infratrochlear nerve and the external nasal branch of the anterior ethmoidal nerve; Alae is supplied by the nasal branches of the infratrochlear nerve (from V2)
  5. - bulla
    - semilunar hiatus

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  1. Kiesselbach areathe region of the pharynx just posterior to the nasal cavity


  2. CSF rhinorrheathe region of the pharynx just posterior to the nasal cavity


  3. What area contains major nerves and blood vessels that supply the nasal cavity, upper jaw and the palate1. vestibule
    2. respiratory area
    3. olfactory area


  4. Sphenopalatine foramen allows communication of the ______ with the _____pterygopalatine fossa with the nasal cavity


  5. The nerve supply of the posterior-inferior portion of the nasal mucosa is
    mainly from the ______, by way of the ______ to the nasal septum, and ______ and ____branches of the _____ to the lateral wall.
    maxillary nerve; nasopalatine nerve; posterior superior lateral nasal; inferior lateral nasal; greater palatine nerve