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To add a title to a chart, click the Title placeholder then type the title text.
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If the cell in the last row and the last column in a table on a slide is selected, what happens if you press TAB?A new row is created below the last row in the table.A shape with a Wipe animation wipes from left to right, but Paco wants it to wipe from right to left. What button should he click on the Animations tab to change the animation?Effect OptionsMax previewed the animations on a slide in his presentation. He decided it would look better if the Fly In animation applied to one of the objects was a little slower. Which of the following can he change to make that animation slower?durationWhen you insert a chart on a slide using the Charts button in a content placeholder or the Charts button on the Insert tab, which of the following opens so that you can enter the data for the chart?an Excel WorksheetWhen you apply a style to a table, which of the following is likely to change?table colorsRaj needs to rearrange the slides in his presentation. Which of the following views would be the best one to use?Slide SorterIf you need to add additional text to a slide and that text is not part of the title or the bulleted list, which of the following is the best choice?insert a text boxAstrid inserted a picture and wants to move it to the center of the slide. Which of the following is the easiest way for her to do so?Drag the pictureIf you want to change text in a text box by changing the text fill and outline and the shape of the text, which of the following should you change it to?WordArtIf you need to present numerical data on a slide, which of the following can you insert to show the data as a graphic?chartYou must select the text or the text box before you change the font.TrueYou cannot print more than one slide on a piece of paper.FalseIf your slides contain colors other than black and white, you cannot print them in grayscale or black and white.FalseTo change selected text from 14 points to 24 points, use the _____.Fount size arrowWhich view do you choose if you want to see a thumbnail of each slide in a presentation arranged in a grid?Slide SorterHow do you change the layout of a slide?Click the Layout button on the Home tab, and then click the layout you want to use.A picture on the title slide in Jacob's presentation is too large for the space. To change its size, he dragged the sizing handle on the right side of the picture. Now the picture looks distorted. What went wrong?Because he dragged a side sizing handle instead of a corner sizing handle, the image changed in one direction but not the other.If a slide contains a content placeholder, what happens to the content placeholder if you insert a photo using the Pictures button on the Insert tab?The content placeholder is replaced by the picture.Which key or keys do you press to indent a first-level item in a list so it becomes a second-level item?tabWhich tab on the ribbon contains the themes?to designWhen you have a second monitor attached to your computer, which view provides you with additional tools, such as a timer, to help you as you give your presentation?Presenter viewCody opened a presentation named October Sales. Then he saved the October Sales presentation with the new name November Sales. What happened to the October Sales presentation?Nothing; the October Sales presentation is still available.You can use a _____ to insert text or objects such as charts, videos, or pictures.Content placeholderBefore you can apply formatting changes to an object, such as rotating it or changing its fill color, you must select the object.TrueIt's impossible to resize a shape to exact dimensions.FalseTo change the color of a shape, you change the shape fillTrueYou cannot change a shape to a different shape.FalseOne way to make a list on a slide more interesting is to convert the list to a SmartArt graphic.TrueIf you want to change the size of a part of a shape relative to the rest of the shape, what do you drag?Adjustment handleWhich of the following contains text you specify and appears on all the slides in the presentation ?FooterDavid ran his presentation in Slide Show view, and he thought the transition between each slide was too slow. Which of the following can he change to make the transitions faster?durationTo make your presentation more interesting, you should consider converting lists to which of the following?SmartArt graphicIf you press SHIFT while you drag a sizing handle on a shape, what happens?The proportions of the shape are maintained as you resize the shape.Which of the following commands found on the Align menu evenly space objects horizontally or vertically relative to each other or the slide?to distributeIf you want to rotate a selected shape by 90 degrees, which of the following is the best option?Click the Rotate button on the Drawing Tools Format tab, and then select one of the Rotate commands.Which button on the Drawing Tools Format tab would you click to change the color, weight, or style of the border of a shape?shape, outlineClaudia added a rectangle to a slide and now wants to resize the shape to a height of 2.3 inches and a width of 3.4 inches. Which of the following is the best way for her to do this?Enter the dimensions in the Shape Height and Shape Width boxes.Which of the following shows the underlying grid on a slide?GridlinesWhich slide usually does not require the slide number, date, and footer text on it?Title SlideOne of the slides in Noah's presentation contains a SmartArt graphic that contains text in a circular shape. Noah wants to change the graphic so that it looks more like a list than a circle. Which of the following actions should he take?Change the SmartArt layout.If you want to apply a special effect to a shape, such as a beveled edge, a shadow, or a glow, which of the following buttons would you click on the Drawing Tools Format tab?Shape EffectsA slide in Casey's presentation contains three shapes that should be treated as one shape. Which of the following commands should Casey use to combine the three shapes so they can be resized or moved together?groupIf you want to combine two or more shapes to create an entirely new shape, which of the following commands would you use to do this?to merge