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living things depend on this

solar energy

The ultimate source of energy is from the sun in the form of what kind of energy

light energy

Plants are able to use what kind of energy from the sun to produce food


To live, all organisms must be able to _________ the energy in sugars


_____ is a constant flow of energy channeled by organisms constant demand to do the work of the living processes


organisms that can make their own food-producer


Organisms that obtain energy from the foods they consume->consumer

light, heat, electricity

three major types of energy


Cells all use _________

6CO2 + 6H2O -- light > C6H12O6 + 6O2

chemical equation for photosynthesis


uses the energy of sunlight to convert water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and sugar


When plants absorb light the energy is transferred to electrons in the chlorophyll molecule, making them "_________" and starting the process of photosynthesis.

visible light

is the only light we can see from 400-750 nm(nanometers)


hides all others in green plant


When __________change, chlorophyll breaks downand other pigments become visible

Calvin cycle

is sometimes called the dark reaction or the light independent reaction

3 parts

chloroplast has how many parts?


one disk in chloroplast


stack of thylakoids


space inside the chloroplast


Light reaction occurs on the membrane of the

photo system

proteins and pigments in the thylakoid membrane that work together


____ strikes the thylakoid membrane and excites electrons


The high energy electrons need a carrier- they use

electron transport

Electrons move through the thylakoid membrane on the____________ chain (a series of proteins found in the membrane)

Produces O2 from H2O

light reaction produces


light reaction- prroducts wait in the ______ to be used by the Calvin Cycle

ATP synthase

light reactions use

Calvin Cycle

• Uses products from Light Reaction
• Occurs in the stroma

Calvin cycle

does not require light and uses CO2

Carbon fixation

adding a carbon to other organic molecules in order to produce glucose

Stromatal action guard cells

open and close to let carbon dioxide in and out of cell

water CO2
light energy

factors affecting the rate of photosynthesis

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